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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 1 December 2015

Seeds of an Industry in Lompoc

Lompoc flowers in bloom, once a vibrant agricultural industry

Our Private Tour North of Los Angeles Sees

Where Seeds Come From

There was a time, not too long ago, when the fields around Lompoc, California, more than 1,500 acres, would be rainbow-colored with flowers and buds all through the summer.  To gardeners the names Burpee, Denholm and Bodger meant packets of seeds to be planted, nurtured and enjoyed.  Those days have passed but there remain fields of flowers and a grand tradition in this community of the agricultural industry that sustained them for so long.  We get to Lompoc from time to time when we take our private Los Angeles tour guests up to the Santa Ynez Valley to enjoy a growing and successful wine region north of Santa Barbara.  We provide tours regularly to wine enthusiasts who often want more than to sample the area wines when they visit Southern California but to see the vineyards and explore the wineries.  A day trip from Los Angeles gets us to any number of wonderful wine tastings and a chance to sightsee in a part of California that visitors often overlook.  If we are up here in late summer then that is the best time to witness the flowering in the fields of Lompoc and possibly participate in the Flower Festival.  Nearby is Ostrichland USA (yes, very big birds) and Vandenberg Air Force Base (a missile launching facility that often lights up our night sky) and also Point Conception, a geographical point on the coast with mythological value to local native Americans.  It is sad that the flower seed industry has departed to other countries but enough remains here to enjoy the beauty of such colorful fields.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 21 August 2014

My Fair Lady – Hollywoodland Flowers

Just inside the Hollywoodland arches is My Fair Lady flower shop

Flowers in Her Hair, Flowers Everywhere – Perfect

for Our Private Tour

Hollywoodland – that part of Hollywood just above the old Hollywoodland arches – has marvelous businesses in a tiny retail area and one of those business for several years has been My Fair Lady’s Flowers.  Colorful and aromatic, we now like to stop our custom luxury van here to walk around and explore for a short while.  There is a lot of history at this location where empty lots were being sold to the new residents of Hollywood back in the early silent film years of the nascent entertainment industry.  Besides the large stone arches that mark the entrance to the Hollywoodland community, there are buildings and homes dating back to that period.  But there are also businesses worth visiting on a private Los Angeles tour like the flower shop.  Driving up the tiny roads above the village our guests will finally get to see what they were waiting for – the Hollywood Sign.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 20 March 2013

Spring is Sprung in Hollywood

Photo of wildflowers beneath the Hollywood Sign

A Private Tour of Los Angeles Wildflowers

Welcome, everyone to the first day of Spring!  Our hills made green from winter rains are now blooming in the subtle colors of California wildflowers.  It is quite pretty everywhere and we point this out to our private Los Angeles tour guests as we show them the neighborhoods from downtown Los Angeles, to Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Bel Air and then out to the shore to see Venice, Santa Monica and Malibu.  Everywhere we go now there are signs of the new season.  We will point out wildflowers as well as the domesticated flower beds in celebrity homes as we lower the windows in our custom vans and enjoy being in short sleeves once again.

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