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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 25 October 2016

Komodo – Dangerously Good

It's Komodo, an Asian-fusion food truck in Los Angeles

Super Snack Before Private Tour to LACMA

Los Angeles is a restaurant town.  Lots of restaurants.  Lots of truly amazing restaurants.  Sometimes, though, on a private tour around Hollywood and Beverly Hills we are on a roll and do not really want to take time out for a sit down meal.  That’s when food trucks can be so beneficial.  And our food truck company we want to promote, one of our very favorites, is Komodo.  This Asian-fusion theme rolling food machine is, as their logo clearly states, dangerously good.  Their specialty is a soft taco filled with dreamy, creamy tastes of the Pacific Islands.  Seafood and farm food combinations that are mouthwatering and, well, nutritious and energy building.  A recent wedding reception picnic we attended was catered by the big black truck with the giant lizard on the side and the wedding party and their guests were thrilled to have such good food Komodo asian-fusion food truck in Los Angelesat hand.  We know our Los Angeles private tour guests have always been delighted after enjoying a quick meal at Komodo and then satisfied and ready to get back on the road and do some serious sightseeing at destinations such as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) conveniently located right across the street from this food stop.  Speaking of monsters, LACMA sits right beside the La Brea Tar Pits, the last home of some pretty big but now extinct monsters whose bones can be visited at the nearby Page Museum.


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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 3 November 2015

Where Do the Wild Food Trucks Roam? has an app we use to find food trucks for our Los Angeles tour guests

It Is Easy Now to Find a Food Truck for

Our Los Angeles Tour

We mention many restaurants in this blog that we enjoy and, more importantly, our private Los Angeles tour guests enjoy, and that we can make a lunch destination during our sightseeing excursions through the city.  In the recent past we also have written about the many food trucks we enjoy stopping at for a bite to One of our favorites, the Grilled Cheese Truck, as it appears on the appeat.  The difficulty with the food trucks was that we had to know their regular schedule or follow those who were social media savvy on Twitter.  The process was a bit burdensome for our guides who are also driving, talking and photographing their guests.  Well, along comes and our prayers for an easier way are answered.  Their very cool app which we have on our cellphones tells us immediately where all the food trucks are.  If we are close by then we can head to one when the hunger bells aboard our luxury SUV start to ring.  We highly recommend the app to our Los Angeles friends but our guests from all around the country have an opportunity to find their favorite food trucks in all the major cities.  I’m sure any food truck business in any city will want to be a part of this tracking system.  The food trucks also enjoy the advantage of being quickly reachable to be booked for a catering gig.  Kudos to Ross Resnick and his crew for developing this very cool and useful tool.  Now we just need a celebrity tracking system.


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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 21 April 2015

Tokyo Doggie Style – It’s Comfort Food

The big yellow Tokyo Doggie Style food truck

Custom Hot Dogs and Bowl Dishes

Impress our Private Tour

Chef Keith Yokoyama put all of his experience and Culinary Institute of America training to work in creating the Tokyo Doggie Style food truck that people all over Los Angeles chase after and line up for to enjoy his Japanese comfort food creations.  This season’s menu includes a number of delicious hot dog preparations and an Asian homage to the Philly cheese steak sandwich.  Also, if you prefer your food out of a bun, there are several very tasty bowls to choose from made of salmon, beef, chicken or curry.  Fancy fries, of course, and something we are not certain of (yet!) – Crispy Octopus Balls.  Vegetarians and vegans can join in the fusion fun, too, with hot dogs and bowl dishes just for them.  Do you like boba (iced milk tea and tapioca)?  Enjoy something cold and delicious to accompany your food.  Chef Keith is on our speed dial for catering special lunches and events that we get involved with and we recommend the big yellow truck for your party if Japanese comfort food is going to please your guests.  A number of our “adventures” include a catered lunch and we consider Tokyo Doggie Style a nice choice.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 6 November 2014

The Amazebowls Food Truck Is a Delicious Tour Encounter

Our Private Tour Finds the Amazebowls Truck

We stop at the Amazebowl truck for a treat on our private Los Angeles tourOur guides know the greatest little snack shops, bakeries, ice cream and frogurt stands everywhere in Los Angeles.  When our private Los Angeles tour guests get a bit peckish and want something besides what we carry in the snack basket aboard all our vehicles we can head over to one of those special businesses for a quick treat to build up the energy to keep on sightseeing.  And then sometimes the treats just come to us in the form of a food truck along our excursion route that day.  One of our favorites is Amazebowls.  Healthy, sweet, fruity, cold treats loaded with antioxidants and fiber, not to mention attractive and colorful, parents and kids love them.  The Fresh Prince of Bowl Air is not only an Two sweet choices from the Amazebowls food truckappropriate menu selection for us (we pass by the house used in the television show) but a popular choice among our guests.  The secret of Amazebowls’ success might be the chief ingredient of their bowls and smoothies, açaí berries (pronounced ah-sigh-EE), fruit from the tropical palm tree.  Refueled with a fruity Amazebowl we can now continue our adventures through Hollywood and Beverly Hills and maybe out to the beaches of Malibu.


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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 6 December 2013

Kogi Comes to L.A.

Our Private Tour Vans Seek the Kogi Truck

Cover of Roy Choi's biography and cookbookWe have written about many exciting food trucks that we encounter in our travels around Los Angeles with our private tour guests seeking the Los Angeles “experience.”  One of our favorites, and one of the easiest to find, is the Kogi Truck.  The cuisine is a combination of Mexican and Korean just as its chief chef, Roy Choi, is.  Roy has a book out now talking about his life growing up in Los Angeles as a Korean in a Mexican culture, his love of food and culinary arts training and the birth of the Kogi Truck with his friend Mark Manguera.  With five trucks traversing Los Angeles daily the Kogi website and Twitter feed make it easy to plan where to intercept a truck for a delightful meal.  The Kogi truckEven a family sightseeing with us on a private luxury tour is eager to experience this particular wheeled fusion of culture and foods when we tell them about the acclaim received by the business since its Thanksgiving 2008 inception.


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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:24 20 July 2012

Wheels of Cheese

Photo of The Grilled Cheese TruckLucky Los Angeles!  We have amongst all the great gourmet food trucks the big orange one, The Grilled Cheese Truck.  At any food truck roundup you are going to find the longest, and happiest, line snaking back from this popular wheeled restaurant.

Photo of The Grilled Cheese Truck Caprese MeltAnd this is not your mother’s grilled cheese sandwich though you can, if you must, enjoy a plain and simple melted cheese on grilled bread delight.  But here you can also enjoy all sorts of international savory treats and cheeses with meats and different breads, assorted excellent dessert melts and… I just have to stop writing and get myself over to The Grilled Cheese Truck NOW!

And here’s a secret not many know, Wednesdays are Fried Chicken and Waffle Melt day.  Savory and dessert all in one great grilled sandwich.  Click either of the photos to visit the website and determine where the truck is parked.  Even easier, follow them on Twitter or Facebook and have updates sent to your phone or tablet.

Elite Adventure Tours and many of our fortunate private tour guests highly recommend The Grilled Cheese Truck for something to eat and something to do when in Los Angeles!

The Grilled Cheese Truck

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 2:30 30 June 2012

Lobsta Truck – Good Eats on the Go

Photograph of Lobsta Truck at night in Los Angeles

Food truck culture is as much a part of the Los Angeles food scene as the many high priced celebrity eateries and remaining Route 66 greasy spoons.  Lobsta Truck is one of our favorites.  Justin Mi got the idea on a summer trip to Maine (where else when you think of lobster?) and returning home created this traveling lobsteria beloved by the initiated.  While you can’t just go to food truck whenever you want, thanks to internet technology and smart phones you can easily find out where your target caterer is or is going to be.  Plans can be made.

We chanced upon the big red truck while on a private luxury tour of Los Angeles and Hollywood over by Sony Studios.  Once our guests saw the truck and we told them how good the food was they just had to stop and find out for themselves.  Nothing beats that for impromptu goodness!

Check out the Lobsta Truck website for a regular schedule and social media links so you can be connected and make your way over for a delicious seafood treat.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 2:55 7 June 2012

Cod Save the Queen

Photo of food truck named Cod Save the Queen

While we wish the queen well on the occasion of her Diamond Jubilee, this photograph that we captured on a luxury private tour of Los Angeles, Hollywood and Beverly Hills speaks volumes of the Los Angeles food truck culture.  Hundreds and hundreds of these gourmet vehicles ply the streets of our community and offer a chance for us to eat standing up, but eat well.  Now they arrive at art openings and movie premieres, building dedications and anywhere else that people might gather.

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