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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 26 April 2016

Pink’s Is Special

Our private Los Angeles tour guests love lunch at Pink's

Popular Private Tour Lunch Stop – Pink’s Hot Dogs

When our guests begin their private tour of Los Angeles in the morning it more often than not runs past lunch.  There is that much to see and do in L.A. and our custom tour approach means we can take our guests sightseeing anywhere they want.  When hunger strikes, though, it’s time to find someplace to eat that is particular to Los Angeles.  We know a number of great lunch time stops throughout the city.  When we are in Hollywood, though, the top of our list is Pink’s.  The large food stand is always crowded in its central location near the shopping mecca known as Melrose and on a major thoroughfare into and out of Hollywood.  For non-vegans it is good food at reasonable prices with a strong flavor of celebrity and history.  A hot dog and fries meal at Pink's in Los AngelesFrom a small walking cart parked at the same location back in 1939, Paul Pink has created a landmark.  Known not just for the small building adored by the world of Los Angeles lovers but for the food.  Kosher hot dogs, hamburgers and fries are what is on the menu.  The toppings are creative and tasty.  The line moves quickly but not so fast our guests can’t enjoy the celebrity headshots lining the walls everywhere.  Everyone eats at Pink’s at one time or another.  For those of us who live here and go to late shows anywhere near Hollywood then Pink’s is great because it stays open until 2am (3am on weekends).  While we maintain a list of fine restaurants, hip, chic, fancy places that our guests use to plan their dinners while they are in Los Angeles, when it comes to lunch time we are more inclined to lead them to places like Pink’s which they will really enjoy and they will always remember.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 30 May 2014

Music and Gumbo for Farmers Market Nights

Cajun food at the Gumbo Pot at the Original Farmers Market in Hollywood

Food and Music for the Original Farmers Market Crowd

The summer music series begins this week at the Original Farmers Market in Hollywood.  That means there is a reason for our private Los Angeles tour guests to head back to this historic Hollywood agora on Thursday, Friday or Saturday evening through August for a wide selection of ethnic and international foods, snacks, drinks and some truly eclectic musical experiences.  The music is free.  The food is excellent.  The fun is outstanding.  Pictured above is just part of the Gumbo Pot menu if you happen to have a hankering for Cajun cuisine (jambalaya with beignets for dessert, oh my!).  We like to meet our guests who are driving into Los Angeles for their custom luxury tour with us at the adjacent Grove outdoor shopping mall knowing they can eat before or after their tour (even during the tour) at the Farmers Market.  We can tell from their gushing appreciation that this is always a perfect choice for a rendezvous.  Now we can suggest an evening of music for the entire family throughout the summer.

Live music at the Original Farmers Market

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 2:53 21 December 2012

Caviar from a Vending Machine? – Oh, L.A.

Photograph of a caviar vending machineWhen you really need something special, but quick, what better place to turn to than one of the three brand new caviar vending machines from Beverly Hills Caviar located around Los Angeles.  Yes, when you absolutely must over-indulge yourself this instant you can choose from fine imported caviar (with the correct mother-of-pearl spoon to consume your tasty treat) to truffle oil to other gastronomic delicacies (Escargot, anyone? What, no foie gras?)  We direct our private luxury tour guests to the machine in the Westfield Century City Mall when we are taking them shopping around town.  With $50,000 worth of perfectly refrigerated and oxygenated fish egg merchandise in each machine (very securely monitored with cameras), customers have a wide choice of international and domestic caviars to choose from.  Should you join us for a sightseeing tour around Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Bel Air then a short stop in Century City will be a perfect thing to do in Los Angeles to get you that perfect bite of Beluga caviar you have been craving!

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