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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 17 October 2016

StubHub Center for Soccer in Los Angeles

Love soccer? The StubHub Center is where the pros play in L.A.

Another Eye-Catching Sight on a Los Angeles Helicopter Tour

Soon after circling the Los Angeles Coliseum we find ourselves above the StubHub Center, another major sports venue for L.A. fans.  The StubHub Center is home to the L.A. Galaxy, our professional soccer team (part of the MLS – Major League Soccer).  This is the second largest soccer specific stadium in the league and seats 27,000 cheering soccer lovers.  The stadium is a centerpiece of an entire sports facility that also includes a velodrome and tennis stadium as well as other track & field locations.  But soccer is the major draw to this campus between downtown Los Angeles and downtown Long Beach and right off the San Diego Freeway (and two other local freeways).  We have a large number of guests on a private tour of Los Angeles, in one of our helicopters, luxury SUVs or both, who consider soccer to be the world’s pastime and are much more interested in seeing this “football” stadium over any other of the beautiful stadiums and ballparks in the Los Angeles area.  While this is our football season (NFL and college) we accept that their football is a beautiful sport, too, and admit that we watch the games from time to time during the Olympics and World Cup competitions.  Sports connects all of us no matter where we come from and we are very pleased to be able to take our guests to a world class soccer stadium when they visit.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 10 October 2016

The Throne of Los Angeles Football

The Los Angeles Coliseum, home of the USC Trojans and the Los Angeles Rams

Our Private Tour Guests Get an Aerial View of the Los Angeles Coliseum

Football season is here and this is a very special season for us.  Professional football, the NFL, is once again playing in Los Angeles.  We used to enjoy two professional football teams, the Rams and the Raiders, at one time over 20 years ago.  For two decades Los Angeles football fans have only had the option of the USC Trojans and the UCLA Bruins for adult-level live action football.  Football purists will argue that college football is decidedly different though equally exciting.  Now, thanks to the gods of football, the pro game is back in town and so are the Rams.  They will be playing at the Los Angeles Coliseum (former home of the LA Raiders) until the new stadium is completed for the 2019 season which will be in Inglewood about 3 miles away as our luxury helicopter flies.  This particular private Los Angeles tour has us circling above the historic stadium which remains home to the USC Trojans.  Remember that two Olympics (1932, 1984 and maybe a third in 2024) have been staged here, a baseball World Series (1959), Super Bowls I and VII and a long list of other notable sporting and cultural events since the stadium opened in 1923.  It is really a pretty sight as we hover just south of downtown Los Angeles where we can also see near the Coliseum the University of Southern California campus as well as Exposition Park.  Obviously this is not a weekend as we fly over because the stadium is empty and quiet.  Plan your visit to Los Angeles over a weekend when either football or professional football is being played at the Los Angeles Coliseum.  You should note that we have a downtown Los Angeles skyscraper helipad where we can land that is quite close to the Coliseum. We can also help you to get tickets to any Coliseum game or event.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 15 December 2013

Pasadena New Year Means Football

The Rose Bowl Game and BCS Game in Pasadena

Two Reasons to Tour Pasadena this Holiday

The historic Rose Bowl Stadium is prepared to host the 100th Rose Bowl Game with its brand new look and amenities.  All the construction with its attendant noise and dust will be have been worth it as the Stanford Cardinal and the Michigan State Spartans vie for the Rose Queen’s favor the afternoon of the first day of 2014.  Stanford is back for a second year in a row representing the Pac-12.  This will be the Spartans’ fifth appearance in the New Year’s Rose Bowl contest.  Interestingly, Stanford played in the first game ever at the Rose Bowl back in 1902, though the Rose Bowl then was hardly a shadow of the stadium today.  And we think of the Rose Bowl Game as the Grandmother of all bowl games.  Our private Los Angeles tour guests get a good look at the stadium when they are interested in visiting Pasadena.

If that is not enough, the BCS (Bowl Championship Series) will pit the Auburn Tigers against the Florida State Seminoles on Monday, January 6th.  This will be the final BCS game played with this format for choosing the competitors (through an obscure point system and polls).  Next year begins a more traditional playoff system for the college teams.

Tickets to the stadium for both games are still available (though probably not for long).  However, seats will be available in bars, restaurants, lobbies and living rooms everywhere to watch the contests live on television.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 15 November 2013

UCLA Bruins Football Tonight

The Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA

No Rose Bowl Tours Today – It’s Football Time

The historic Rose Bowl Stadium set in its beautiful arroyo in Pasadena has hosted some of the greatest college football games ever, and let us not forget to mention NFL games including the Super Bowl (5 times).  But tonight it is time for the UCLA Bruins, the home team, to bring on the Friday Night Lights.  The 7-2 Bruins need to win to continue on their path to the PAC-12 South Division title.  Their opponents, the 6-3 Washington Huskies, their own quest failed, would like to spoil the Bruin season.  Kickoff is at 6pm whether you are at the stadium or watching on television.  If football is not your thing but historic architecture is then we suggest telling your private Los Angeles tour guide to bring you over to Pasadena to see this incredible structure and its almost complete renovation.  Now 100 years old and going strong, good for another 100 years they tell us, the stadium will not likely be setting attendance records as it has in the past (almost 107,000 fans for the 1973 Rose Bowl game – USC vs. Ohio State).  The renovation reduced the number of seats in favor of increased fan comfort and safety.  This is a really impressive sporting facility set in an exquisite park setting and well worth visiting with or without an event bringing you to Pasadena.

UCLA Bruins logo

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