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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 30 July 2015

Special Parking for Ferrari 458 Italia

The yellow Ferrari fits the yellow awnings of the Beverly Wilshire hotel

We Park Here Sometimes for Our

Beverly Wilshire Private Los Angeles Tour Guests

We just had to snap this image of the yellow Ferrari 458 Italia parked on Wilshire Boulevard in front of the Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire hotel because it so perfectly suited the decor of the building with its yellow striped awnings.  It is also the kind of automobile you expect to see in the vicinity of this grand luxury hotel.  In a world of Bugattis, Rolls-Royces, Lamborghinis and Maybachs we find a particularly heavy concentration of these highly engineered expensive vehicles around the five star hotels where we often meet our private Los Angeles tour guests to begin their tours.  In this part of Beverly Hills, the Golden Triangle, shopping, dining and accommodation are all top notch and their clientele arrive in some of the finest cars we get to see on the road.  With the exception of restored classic cars, the late model vehicles populate the streets in Beverly Hills and Hollywood and the streets often resemble a cruising Concours d’Elegance.  Join us on a custom tour and let’s see how many fancy cars we can spot together.  Of course, we can also visit the Beverly Hills car dealers and the Nethercutt Collection nearby to see luxury cars on display.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 14 December 2013

The Montage in Beverly Hills on Wilshire Boulevard

The Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills

Our Tour to the Golden Triangle Lands at the Montage

New hotels do not come often to Beverly Hills, in particular into that precious region of the tiny city known as the Golden Triangle.  Yet recently there appeared a city sister to Laguna Beach’s spa hotel right off of the main street of Los Angeles.  The Montage Beverly Hills.  With 200+ rooms and suites, some residences, a beautiful promenade and plaza, fine dining and the 5-star VIP customer service expected of a luxury hotel in Beverly Hills, what gets talked about most is Spa Montage, the 2-story nirvana of personal well being.  Just walking around the hotel and extolling its wonders leads our private Los Angeles tour guests to thinking about these hospitable accommodations on their next visit.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 2:28 26 June 2012

Do You Love Chocolate?

Photograph of window of K Chocolatier in Beverly Hills

Wisely called the Rolls Royce of chocolate, K Chocolatier in Beverly Hills is a chocolate lover’s dream shop.  This is the kind of luxury chocolate that we like to bring our tour guests visiting the Golden Triangle by to sample and purchase.  From the inventors of the chocolate covered strawberry comes a variety of tasty and sweet confections, chocolates that pleased regulars since 1970 at the original New York City boutique such as Jacqueline Kennedy and Katherine Hepburn.  I am sure that the store proprietess, Diane Krön, might be able to drop a few celebrity names who recently have visited her if you ask nicely.  With hospitality and service in mind Diane and her staff treat her guests as we do — special.

Photo of chocolate truffles from K ChocolatierIf we don’t take you to her store, be sure to visit K Chocolatier.  You deserve the treat.

K Chocolatier
9606 Santa Monica Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA  90210


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