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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 10 May 2016

Forever Blowing Bubbles

Bubbles float like snow at the Grove in Los Angeles

Always Surprises When Our Private Tour is at The Grove

The convenience of our private Los Angeles tour is that we meet our guests at their hotels when they are staying in the area.  We also meet them at whatever time of the day they want.  That is the essence of a private custom luxury tour.  From their hotel we show them around the city visiting all the destinations they express an interest in seeing.  No set route, no set itinerary.  We can proceed, double back and stop whenever our guests wish.  Now, sometimes our guests are driving into the city just for the day and request that we meet them where they can park their vehicle.  That is pretty common.  One of our favorite rendezvous locations is The Grove.  This wonderful outdoor shopping mall is unlike any other (except for the developer’s equally impressive mall in nearby Glendale, the Americana at Brand).  Designed to be like a village there is dining, entertainment, shopping and apartment-living all in one location.  The mall is extremely walkable but there is also a double-decked trolley that circumnavigates the mall to save some wear and tear on the soles of our guests.  The Grove is immediately adjacent to Los Angeles’ famed Original Farmers Market which only adds to the pleasure of spending time here.  We find that the ample parking (most important, a valet service!) and assorted activities make this a perfect place to meet our guests.  They can really enjoy themselves before and after our tour of Hollywood and Beverly Hills and wherever else in Los Angeles they want to visit with us. And who knows, they might find themselves there the day a giant bubble-making machine is rolled out.  Bubbles in spring, as joyful as the manufactured snow that falls here during the winter holidays.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 3 March 2014

Family Sculpture at Outdoor Family Shopping Mall

Bronze sculpture by Delesprie at the Americana at Brand near Los Angeles

Los Angeles Tour Guests Awed by Americana at Brand

We are fortunate in Los Angeles to have two innovative shopping malls that completely change the experience of shopping, dining and entertainment.  Both The Grove and the Americana at Brand make a visit to the mall a wholly special time.  We often rendezvous with our private tour guests driving into Los Angeles at The Grove in Hollywood.  It is centrally located, has plenty of easy parking and provides a quality fun place to begin and end a custom luxury tour of the city.  We also regularly visit the Americana at Brand in nearby Glendale on our tours for shopping, a quick meal or just to show off a unique feature of life in Los Angeles.  The bronze sculpture above by Delesprie, artfully rendered by our guide for his guests’ tour photo album, is an example of the fun and playfulness of these retail, entertainment and residential spaces.  If you have not yet been there be sure to go or book a tour with us and we will show you around.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 29 August 2013

Got Gas? – Visit the Original Farmers Market in Hollywood

Getting Gas on a Private Hollywood Tour

Photo of Gilmore gas station at Farmers MarketThis restored Gilmore gas station is a step back into time, a much simpler time, when the Gilmore company owned all the property around what is today the Grove and The Original Farmers Market.  Pumping oil from the vast reservoir beneath Los Angeles and Hollywood filled their coffers and this was the look of their gas stations spread throughout the southland and along Route 66.  The gas pumps dinged as you watched the fuel flow into your vehicle’s tank, a spinner spun and the numbers rolled showing how much you owed the gentleman who actually did the pumping for you while he checked your oil and cleaned your windshield.

Locally produced gasoline was cheapThe petroleum fields are gone now, as is the football stadium and race track, but the Grove and the Original Farmers Market are just as much fun to visit and enjoy.  There is great dining in fine restaurants at the Grove and nearby or we can grab a quick meal with our private luxury tour guests at the international food stands populating the market.  Then off we go to Beverly Hills to examine celebrity homes and maybe a trip to the beach to walk in the sand and reminisce about Baywatch.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 9 March 2013

Spring Forward in Los Angeles

Photo of the clock at The Grove in Hollywood

Change Your Clock before Your Los Angeles Tour

Can you trust the clock where the guys at the door don’t wear shirts?  Our guess is that the managers of The Grove just south of Hollywood, a regular stop on our private Los Angeles tour, know that tonight they need to move the little hand on the clock an hour ahead.  Daylight Savings Time is once again here.  Our custom Hollywood sunset tour can begin an hour later starting now.

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