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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 27 May 2016

Hogwarts Is Where the Magic Is

Hogwarts rises up in the San Fernando ValleyHogwarts Charms Our Private Tour Guests

Why would anyone be surprised that in a land of magic there rises up a magic castle?  Hollywood’s Universal Studios theme park now hosts The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and the centerpiece is Hogwarts Castle.  In the part of the San Fernando Valley where the soundstages not only of Universal Studio but also Warner Bros. and Walt Disney create movie and television magic the adventures of Harry Potter are now there to enthrall visitors to the park and provide a magical addition to the many other movie/tv themed attractions.  The Mummy, the Simpsons, Jurassic Park, the Minions, Fast and Furious, Transformers, Waterworld and Shrek are all rides and attractions that can keep visitors busy all day long.  Here is what we suggest to our private tour guests in Los Angeles.  Sign up for the Universal Studios VIP Tour.  This is a smaller group tour that gets its passengers not only through a visit to the inner workings of the studio but also guarantees that every attraction is seen in the most expedient way.  The entertaining Universal Studios tour guide manages the schedule and with Front-of-Line seating there is very little if any waiting and always great seats.  Plus, for live performances you get to stay after the show and have an opportunity to speak with the actors.  Enjoy the magic of Hollywood soon and visit us here in Los Angeles.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 18 April 2016

El Capitan Theater in Hollywood Has Tours

A tour within a tour can be a visit to Disney's historic El Capitan Theater

A Tour within a Private Tour of Hollywood

When our guests get to Hollywood we extol the beauty and exhibition wonder of several of the historic movie palaces we will show them.  While we strongly urge them to make time to return after their private Los Angeles tour with us to see a movie presented in these great theaters sometimes that opportunity is not available for our new friends.  Fortunately,  Grauman’s Chinese Theater, the Egyptian Theater and the El Capitan Theater have guided tours available throughout the day (between showings of their films).  If our timing is right we can join one of these tours and visit inside these great theaters.  These theaters were all built in the very late 1920s as Hollywood became the capitol of filmdom…Tinseltown.  Sid Grauman was the showman/businessman behind the Chinese and Egyptian theaters.  Charles Toberman, the Father of Hollywood, was the prime mover behind the storied El Capitan.  Disney film lovers are thrilled to be able to see a presentation inside the theater known also for its beautiful waterfall curtain and giant Wurlitzer organ which rises up before the movie to provide joyful music to the audience as they find their seats.  During certain times of the year there are pre-screening shows full of singing and dancing Disney characters before every presentation.  The theater tour allows our guests to get a peek inside and learn more about the early days of Hollywood and this architectural wonder that is so much more than a black box with seats and a movie screen.  Does Disney premiere its movies here?  You bet they do (Star Wars: The Force Awakens).

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LA Adventure Specialist - 3:27 12 January 2011

Tour with a Knowledgeable Guide

Several years ago, my family took an American history vacation in Pennsylvania. We visited Lancaster and learned about the Amish way of life (and ate some delicious shoe-fly pie!). We, of course, visited Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, and ran up the “Rocky” steps at the Museum of Art in Philadelphia. The most memorable part of the tour was visiting Gettysburg. We opted to take a private van tour of the vast battlefield and its gravesites and memorials.

The private tour with an informative guide made for an incredible experience. With the vastness of the battle field and the sheer number of memorials, there is no way we would have covered as much terrain or learned so much without a guide. When we went out to California this summer, we decided to take one of the private LA tours. Just as it had been in Pennsylvania, we found that having a knowledgeable guide to whisk us around the city made our vacation experience memorable for all the right reasons.

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