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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 13 November 2015

Let Sleeping Elephant Seals Lie – A Quiet Private Tour from Los Angeles

Elephant seals love California beachesOur Private Tour from Los Angeles Sees the Seals

Great mounds of elephant seals lie around all day long on the narrow beaches near Cambria along the Central Coast of California.  A beautiful drive up Highway 1 (the Pacific Coast Highway, El Camino Real) on a private tour from Los Angeles to visit Hearst Castle in San Simeon takes us near the Piedras Blancas rookery where these behemoths spend their land time basking in the sunshine.  They don’t worry at all about solar rays exposure and swimmer safety.  Even the visitors trodding along the wooden walkways seem not to disturb them.  These magnificent beasts, pinnipeds, are the largest of the seal-like creatures weighing as much as 4 tons and running 20 feet long.  They spend 80% of their lives in the water and are able to swim beneath the surface of the sea for as long as 100 minutes and dive to almost 5,000 feet.  No wonder they loll around so languidly when they hit the beautiful beaches of California.  Our tour guests enjoying an adventure along the coast can really get close to these animals once hunted nearly to extinction and now just a normal part of the ocean ecosystem along with their other relatives, harbor seals and sea lions, that we regularly see along the Los Angeles coast.  Are there animals on the beach today?  Just look at this webcam.

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