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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 22 November 2016

Hollywood is for the Dogs

One of our Hollywood hiking guests today is a King Charles spaniel

Bring a Puppy on a Private Tour of Hollywood

One reason to bring your dog along on a visit to Los Angeles is a custom private tour where your pet is not only welcome but we see that there is as much fun for the animal as for its people.  Our hiking tours are especially good fun for our four-legged guests.  Runyon Canyon in the Hollywood Hills is a moderate hike with lots of sights along the way that harken back not only to old Hollywood and the likes of Charlie Chaplin but even to a notorious outlaw who made this canyon and park his home until, well, the law won.  Now we are more likely to pass The clouds are parting and the sun is shining on the Hollywood Sign as seen from Runyon Canyonby young Hollywood stars out for a nature walk with their pets up and down the steep hillside.  There are also the outdoor yoga classes.  The views of the Los Angeles basin are spectacular as well as a a nice look at the Hollywood Sign to the east high atop Mt. Lee.  If we head up early then the morning clouds will cool us down.  We have water and snacks for everyone (yes, pet snacks, too!) and our guests will have a number of good photos of them and their doggie with Hollywood in the background.


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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 25 August 2016

Back to Runyon Canyon in Hollywood

We get to hike Runyon Canyon once again

Hollywood History on a Private Hiking Tour

After months of being closed down for water line repairs (city infrastructure improvements must go on) we are so very excited that Runyon Canyon Park is once again open for hiking.  We truly love this park for a number of reasons.  Our very active Los Angeles private tour guests can enjoy a very enjoyable hike right in the middle of Hollywood.  With an Our guests navigate a steep slope in Runyon Canyon in Hollywoodoption for a somewhat strenuous climb/descent on some steep sandy slopes or a mild walk up a paved access road from just above Hollywood Boulevard to Mulholland on the crest of the Hollywood Hills we can point out some interesting historical facts and locations in the park.  We can also enjoy some extraordinary views of Hollywood and Los Angeles at any number of scenic points along the way.  The hike only requires a limited amount of time so we can still drive east and hike right up to the Hollywood Sign (two excellent hikes in one tour…who does that?) or we can continue sightseeing in and around the Hollywood Hills to see celebrity homes and famous Hollywood locations.  The very hot summer weather recently yielded toSome of the trails on our Hollywood hike are wide and smooth some cooler, slightly overcast days which only made the hiking even better.  Our guests enjoy the exercise as well as the opportunity to see the Hollywood “regulars” who get their steps in each day on the park’s trails.  We might pass a yoga class, tai chi or qi gong sessions anywhere in the park where there is sufficient flat space.  Finally, our guests can learn about our chaparral landscape and get a really good sense of the ecology of Los Angeles.  Enjoy a different kind of sightseeing adventure in Hollywood and come hiking with us.

NOTE: click on the photos for an enlarged view


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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 16 August 2016

Hollywood Love All Locked Up

Love at the top of Runyon Canyon

Our Private Tour Guests Learn the Whole Story of Lovelocks When Hiking in Hollywood

The story of the lovelocks begins in Eastern Europe during WWI and was a local tradition for many, many years.  Then a young readers novel published in Italy in 2006 (movie released in 2007) resurrected the tradition in Rome and the practice quickly spread around the world.  In fact, the idea of locking your name and your lover’s to a fence, post, railing or other public structure and then throwing away the key became so popular in particular locations that localities had to declare it a Lovelocks we see on a fence in Hollywood on a private tour hike in Runyon Canyonform of littering and vandalism in order to deal with the problems that came from the enormous weight of the padlocks.  There was also the issue of the metal keys being thrown into nearby rivers, ponds and streams.  So far, this sweet but troublesome tradition has not created too much of a problem in Hollywood up on an eastern trail of Runyon Canyon.  We pass by when we enjoy a hike as part of a Los Angeles private tour.  This is just one of the intriguing sights and destinations we pass as we climb from Franklin Avenue to Mulholland Drive on the sandy trails of the park.  While it is not exactly the Pont de Arts in Paris or the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, we appreciate the spirit of love as it has become manifest right here in the entertainment capitol of the world.


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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 16 September 2015

Hike above Hollywood after Flying above Hollywood

Hikers enjoy the 360° view above the Hollywood Sign

Our Helicopter Tour Guests Decide to

Hike above Hollywood

How flexible is our custom luxury tour of Los Angeles?  We started with a combination helicopter and ground tour.  One hour in the air around Los Angeles in one of our luxury corporate twin-jet aircraft.  After flying between the tall buildings of downtown Los Angeles, over USC and the Los Angeles Coliseum, out to the coast where we flew low above the waves to wave at the surfers and whales and admire the fabulous beachfront homes of the movie stars in Malibu, we then head inland over the Santa Monica Mountains, over Brentwood, Bel Air, Beverly Hills and Hollywood and right up to the Hollywood Sign.  Our guests, totally excited by their adventure so far see the hikers on the top of Mt. Lee, right behind the giant Hollywood Sign, and say “Can we walk up there later?”  No problemo.  We just orient our post-helicopter ground tour to include a walk up through the canyon, past the old Batcave from the beloved television series, and up to the top of the mountain.  Any destination our guests have in mind is where we will take them.  We keep no set itinerary, route or schedule and let our guests guide their guide.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 1 April 2015

High and Hello Hollywood Sign

A closeup view of the Hollywood Sign from our helicopter

Our Private Tour Today Chooses to

Fly to the Hollywood Sign

We have several ways to get our private Los Angeles tour guests up near the Hollywood Sign to enjoy the views, take photographs and sense the history and wonder of this part of the city.  Generally we drive our guests up to a number of different locations near the sign so we can walk around and take those memorable holiday card photographs of our guests using our digital SLR camera and on their cellphones.  In this photograph you can see that our guests decided to ride in a luxury helicopter and hover near the sign for aerial photographs of Mt. Lee upon which the sign sits and the San Gabriel Mountains in the distance.  After their flight we drive back to our special locations so they can have photographs of the landmark with them in the picture.  And finally, if you look closely above the H-O you can see a group of hikers.  We offer to take our guests on a pleasant and not at all grueling hike up past the old Batman cave (’60s television series with Adam West and Burt Ward) that leaves us above the sign with great views of the back of Hollywood in more ways than one.  Join us for a custom tour of Hollywood and decide how you wish to visit the Hollywood Sign.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 22 July 2014

Summertime Hike to the Hollywood Sign

A view from the Hollywood Sign to downtown Los Angeles

Our Favorite Family Tour Hike in Los Angeles

There are a number of reasons we like to suggest our Hollywood Sign hike to our private Los Angeles tour guests requesting a sightseeing adventure that involves some health and fitness activity.  Mostly, the hike is very family friendly.  The trail is a service road, wide and smooth with an easy grade to it.  No creeping through dense chaparral brush, no going where there might be mountain critters basking calmly in the sunshine, no sheer cliffs to scale or large rocks to climb.  Also, the hike reveals all kinds of places along the way to talk about movies and television as it has been used as a location set in so many familiar shows and films.  And finally there are the views from the top of Mt. Lee, above and behind the Hollywood Sign.  Throughout the year this view is spectacular as we can see over the entire Los Angeles basin.  When the skies are clear you can see the mountains to the east and Catalina Island to the west.

The view over the Hollywood Sign to the ocean

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 11 June 2013

Water Under the Dam in Hollywood

Photo of Lake Hollywood taken from the dam towards the Hollywood Sign

Hiking on a Private Hollywood Tour

Years after a massive landfall caused by excessive rains the Lake Hollywood loop is now fully open so that the complete 3½ mile trail can be hiked.  Offering several access points the hike is easy and fun with great views of the old William Mulholland created reservoir that supplied all of Los Angeles with its water at one time.  The Mulholland Dam will be familiar to many film lovers and television watchers as they cross over.  We enjoy the opportunity to impress our energetic private Los Angeles tour guests exploring local hiking trails with our film location knowledge as well as to tell more about the history of Hollywood and Los Angeles all tied up around one important subject — WATER.

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