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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 28 November 2016

Raise the “W” after Hollywood Sign Hike

Family photo after hike up to the Hollywood Sign

Our Private Tour Can Be More Than a Walk

We understand that sitting in a tour bus with a bunch of strangers, looking out the windows while listening to a scripted description of what is passing by can be, well, boring.  Why not enjoy a custom private Los Angeles tour with a guide who will not only take you to the best sightseeing destinations in and about the city but let you get out of our luxury SUV and walk around.  Feel free to pose for pictures taken by your guide that can go into your photo album along with all the candid photos that you will not have noticed being taken until you share your album with friends and family.  More than just walking around Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Venice Beach we can lead you on short (or long) hikes through the hills to see Los Angeles from places where only the locals know where to go.  For instance, we can hike up a service road, past the old Batman television series Batcave (and other notable films and shows) all the way to the top of Mt. Lee where our guests will find themselves right behind the Hollywood Sign – Raise the “W”!  Another easy and fascinating hike is up into Runyon Canyon where Hollywood and history come together.  Plus, it’s good exercise.  Eating the fancy snacks we keep in the vehicle will be negated by the good workout from our hikes.  Enjoy VIP treatment on a luxury tour designed to suit your interests…from Hollywood to the stars (at Griffith Observatory or the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel).

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 22 November 2016

Hollywood is for the Dogs

One of our Hollywood hiking guests today is a King Charles spaniel

Bring a Puppy on a Private Tour of Hollywood

One reason to bring your dog along on a visit to Los Angeles is a custom private tour where your pet is not only welcome but we see that there is as much fun for the animal as for its people.  Our hiking tours are especially good fun for our four-legged guests.  Runyon Canyon in the Hollywood Hills is a moderate hike with lots of sights along the way that harken back not only to old Hollywood and the likes of Charlie Chaplin but even to a notorious outlaw who made this canyon and park his home until, well, the law won.  Now we are more likely to pass The clouds are parting and the sun is shining on the Hollywood Sign as seen from Runyon Canyonby young Hollywood stars out for a nature walk with their pets up and down the steep hillside.  There are also the outdoor yoga classes.  The views of the Los Angeles basin are spectacular as well as a a nice look at the Hollywood Sign to the east high atop Mt. Lee.  If we head up early then the morning clouds will cool us down.  We have water and snacks for everyone (yes, pet snacks, too!) and our guests will have a number of good photos of them and their doggie with Hollywood in the background.


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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 25 August 2016

Back to Runyon Canyon in Hollywood

We get to hike Runyon Canyon once again

Hollywood History on a Private Hiking Tour

After months of being closed down for water line repairs (city infrastructure improvements must go on) we are so very excited that Runyon Canyon Park is once again open for hiking.  We truly love this park for a number of reasons.  Our very active Los Angeles private tour guests can enjoy a very enjoyable hike right in the middle of Hollywood.  With an Our guests navigate a steep slope in Runyon Canyon in Hollywoodoption for a somewhat strenuous climb/descent on some steep sandy slopes or a mild walk up a paved access road from just above Hollywood Boulevard to Mulholland on the crest of the Hollywood Hills we can point out some interesting historical facts and locations in the park.  We can also enjoy some extraordinary views of Hollywood and Los Angeles at any number of scenic points along the way.  The hike only requires a limited amount of time so we can still drive east and hike right up to the Hollywood Sign (two excellent hikes in one tour…who does that?) or we can continue sightseeing in and around the Hollywood Hills to see celebrity homes and famous Hollywood locations.  The very hot summer weather recently yielded toSome of the trails on our Hollywood hike are wide and smooth some cooler, slightly overcast days which only made the hiking even better.  Our guests enjoy the exercise as well as the opportunity to see the Hollywood “regulars” who get their steps in each day on the park’s trails.  We might pass a yoga class, tai chi or qi gong sessions anywhere in the park where there is sufficient flat space.  Finally, our guests can learn about our chaparral landscape and get a really good sense of the ecology of Los Angeles.  Enjoy a different kind of sightseeing adventure in Hollywood and come hiking with us.

NOTE: click on the photos for an enlarged view


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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 16 August 2016

Hollywood Love All Locked Up

Love at the top of Runyon Canyon

Our Private Tour Guests Learn the Whole Story of Lovelocks When Hiking in Hollywood

The story of the lovelocks begins in Eastern Europe during WWI and was a local tradition for many, many years.  Then a young readers novel published in Italy in 2006 (movie released in 2007) resurrected the tradition in Rome and the practice quickly spread around the world.  In fact, the idea of locking your name and your lover’s to a fence, post, railing or other public structure and then throwing away the key became so popular in particular locations that localities had to declare it a Lovelocks we see on a fence in Hollywood on a private tour hike in Runyon Canyonform of littering and vandalism in order to deal with the problems that came from the enormous weight of the padlocks.  There was also the issue of the metal keys being thrown into nearby rivers, ponds and streams.  So far, this sweet but troublesome tradition has not created too much of a problem in Hollywood up on an eastern trail of Runyon Canyon.  We pass by when we enjoy a hike as part of a Los Angeles private tour.  This is just one of the intriguing sights and destinations we pass as we climb from Franklin Avenue to Mulholland Drive on the sandy trails of the park.  While it is not exactly the Pont de Arts in Paris or the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, we appreciate the spirit of love as it has become manifest right here in the entertainment capitol of the world.


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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 8 April 2016

Runyon Canyon Closed

An empty bench atop Runyon Canyon until the end of July

Our Private Tour Hikes in Hollywood to the Hollywood Sign

Because Los Angeles is bounded by steep mountains and hillside trails hiking is a favorite pastime and means of exercise for locals and visitors alike.  We love being able to offer guided hikes as part of our Los Angeles tour offerings.  We espouse good health and the happiness that comes from getting out of our luxury SUVs to really experience Los Angeles and what we get to do in this amazing city.  Two of our favorite hiking trails are right in Hollywood.  One is Runyon Canyon, a historic park rising up from near Hollywood Boulevard to behind the Hollywood Bowl.  For hikers and joggers there is an access road pathway as well as steep climbing footpaths to choose from to get from the bottom to the top (or vice versa).  Extraordinary views of Hollywood and the city extending all the way to bay are available from numerous points along the various trails.  Our hiking tour group at the Hollywood SignThere is also a lot of Los Angeles as well as Hollywood film history associated with the park and there are architectural ruins along the way that give our guides an opportunity to tell some very interesting stories.  However, sadly, the park is closed from now through July to allow some city water pipes and systems to be upgraded.  We are sorry that during this time we will be unable to enjoy the Runyon Canyon hikes we so love but when it comes to water we understand the need to keep everything flowing properly and the sacrifice of one springtime is not too great.  Plus….we still have the Hollywood Sign hike available for our guests.  Equally fun and interesting, although not nearly as strenuous, almost everyone on a private Los Angeles tour can make the walk from the eastern Hollywood neighborhood up the access road, past the old Batcave (Batman television series with Adam West and Burt Ward; also Invasion of the Body Snatchers cave) all the way to the top of Mt. Lee and right behind the Hollywood Sign.  A good walk with lots of great views and tales to tell along the way.






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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 11 January 2016

Hollywood Hiking Brings Great Tour Photos

A view to the west from atop the Hollywood Sign

Our Private Tour Hikers Enjoy

Fine Winter Weather

We have enjoyed another busy holiday season with all our guides and vehicles out sightseeing every day.  This year our beautiful winter weather resulted in many more of our guests on a private tour in Los Angeles wanting to enjoy some hiking as a part of their sightseeing excursion.  For a lovely even grade walk up a service road, past a number of off road locations made famous in Hollywood movies and television shows over the years, we can reward our guests with magnificent views from right above the Hollywood Sign.  This vista point allows us to see Century City, the Palos Verdes Peninsula and Santa Monica BayCatalina Island is also visible.  Also, of course, we can admire the serenity of Lake Hollywood behind the Mulholland Dam just below the sign.  On the other side of the peak there are equally impressive views of the San Fernando Valley and its landmarks (Universal, Disney and Warner Bros. studios).  Even better, the weather is warm enough for shorts and t-shirts.  How’s that for a December/January welcome to Southern California?

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 18 November 2015

Hollywood Sign View Worth the Hike

A hike up to and behind the Hollywood Sign has great views

Private Hiking Tour to the Hollywood Sign

Pays Big Dividends

We incorporate a good amount of walking on each private Los Angeles tour we do if our guests are up to it.  With our family and small group approach it is a simple matter to park the vehicle and walk around enjoying the nice weather and the sights to see and taking a whole bunch of digital photographs for our guests’ tour album that they can share immediately.  There are some places that we cannot drive close to see.  One of those destinations is the Hollywood Sign.  We can get close enough for most but if our guests want to examine the construction of the old billboard and the views of Hollywood, Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley available from the top of Mt. Lee then a hike is in order.  We offer a number of hiking tours for our fitness loving visitors to Los Angeles and the easiest one, and the most fun in terms of sightseeing, is our walk up the service road to the Emergency Services facility above and behind the world famous Hollywood landmark.  From here we look down on the back of the Hollywood Sign and out into the Los Angeles basin.  You can see the Griffith Observatory and downtown Los Angeles in this picture and even the location of the Bat Cave from the old television series (we walk right past it; the cave was also used in the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers).  The walk is delightful, the views extraordinary and we can still explore the other Hollywood sights and locations that everyone wants to see during the tour.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 1 June 2015

The OH in Hollywood

Looking at Hollywood from behind the Hollywood Sign

Our Hollywood Hiking Tour Takes Off

The really good thing about the increasing popularity of our hiking tours is that our staff is staying in good shape.  We not only lead the hike but we also get the additional aerobic benefit of talking the entire way up and down the hiking trail.  Especially popular this spring has been our Hollywood Sign private hiking tour, just part of an overall exploration of Hollywood and the entertainment industry.  Our guests get to wear shorts and walking shoes and enjoy the chaparral landscape of the graded pathway leading up to the top of Mt. Lee and the pinnacle right behind the Hollywood Sign.  From here we have a 360° view of Los Angeles, West Los Angeles, the Santa Monica Mountains, the Los Angeles basin, the San Fernando Mountains, the San Gabriel Mountains and on clear days the San Jacinto Mountains and Santa Catalina Island.  But everyone is really fascinated by the Hollywood Sign.  OH, yes!

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 22 July 2014

Summertime Hike to the Hollywood Sign

A view from the Hollywood Sign to downtown Los Angeles

Our Favorite Family Tour Hike in Los Angeles

There are a number of reasons we like to suggest our Hollywood Sign hike to our private Los Angeles tour guests requesting a sightseeing adventure that involves some health and fitness activity.  Mostly, the hike is very family friendly.  The trail is a service road, wide and smooth with an easy grade to it.  No creeping through dense chaparral brush, no going where there might be mountain critters basking calmly in the sunshine, no sheer cliffs to scale or large rocks to climb.  Also, the hike reveals all kinds of places along the way to talk about movies and television as it has been used as a location set in so many familiar shows and films.  And finally there are the views from the top of Mt. Lee, above and behind the Hollywood Sign.  Throughout the year this view is spectacular as we can see over the entire Los Angeles basin.  When the skies are clear you can see the mountains to the east and Catalina Island to the west.

The view over the Hollywood Sign to the ocean

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 16 June 2014

Loving Hollywood, Loving Los Angeles

Los Angeles tour guest loves Hollywood

Private Tour Hike to Sign with Love

Some of our private Los Angeles tour guests dress formally for their tour with us.  That’s appropriate when we stop for lunch at the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel.  And some of our guests dress in sweats and sneakers, perfectly comfortable for hiking on trails above the Hollywood Sign.  In this case we parked on a sweet Hollywood street and hiked up past the old Batman television show (Adam West, Burt Ward – you remember) location for the Bat Cave and then wound our way up the side of Mt. Lee to the mesa above the Hollywood Sign.  This fun hike is not very taxing but gives our guests a good sense of the California chaparral landscape.  At the top we can look down to see the recently refurbished and repainted letters of the Hollywood Sign.  From another direction the downtown skyscape of our city rises from a plain surrounded by mountains and highways.  You can really sense the 5 million citizens of the City of Los Angeles from this vantage point.  And we love it!  Randy Newman loves it!  Our adorable guest loves it!

She loves Los Angeles as she signs towards the city skyline

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