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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 2 September 2015

Spidey Thinks Our Private Tour Guests Are OK

Spiderman, Spiderman, goes wherever a spider can...

Private Los Angeles Tour Stops for Spider-Man

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man peeks into our private Los Angeles tour luxury SUV to assure our guests that their sightseeing adventure through Hollywood will be exciting and very, very safe.  No bad guys will bug us while we inspect the Walk of Fame or visit the famous Grauman’s Chinese Theater or the Dolby TheaterFreddy Krueger sadly mourns the passing of his creator, Wes Craven so he is quiet right now.  When we cross the street to take a look at Disney’s El Capitan Theater or inspect the lobby of the lovely Roosevelt Hotel we will be guarded by a real superhero – “Can he swing from a thread? Take a look overhead.  Hey there, there goes the Spider-Man.”

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 4 August 2015

Characters of Hollywood Boulevard

Freddy Krueger eyes our private Los Angeles tour group in Hollywood

Poseurs Lure Our Private Tour Guests

On a visit to Disneyland you will see many costumed characters and the worst of them might be Captain Hook.  Disney folks do not want to scare the littlest among us.  But on Hollywood Boulevard along the Walk of Fame there is no guiding force (other than market forces) and every character from the entire history of movies and television is a likely persona to find strolling the sidewalks.  That includes bad guys.  Very bad guys!  Like Freddy Krueger who would capture teens as they dreamed.  Despite the nightmares Freddie may have caused our private Los Angeles tour guests many of our people gravitate to him for a picture, an action shot, with this monster (who is really a very nice guy).  Most of the characters plying their trade on the famed boulevard near Grauman’s Chinese Theater are less threatening.  There are more than enough good guys and super heroes to protect the milling throngs of visitors from the nefarious and evil entities wrought by the entertainment industry.  You will be surprised how good these actors are at creating their characters.  It is very much worth a small tip to enjoy their hard work and capture a photograph with them.

There are more good guys than bad guys on Hollywood Boulevard

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 22 June 2015

Jimmy Kimmel Time in Hollywood

Jimmy Kimmel fans awaiting entrance to his studio on Hollywood Boulevard

Our Private Tour Guests Wonder if All

Studios Look Like This

When we arrive in Hollywood at the area on Hollywood Boulevard where we park to visit Grauman’s Chinese Theater, the Walk of Fame and maybe get a snack somewhere in the Hollywood and Highland Center, we can also take note of the large audience awaiting entry into the historic Masonic building to enjoy a taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live.  The grand building was constructed back in 1921, years before Grauman’s Chinese and the Egyptian Theater arose on the famed boulevard.  The Masons made use of their building until 1982 after which it changed ownership and purpose a number of times until the Walt Disney Company purchased the property in 1998.  Disney also owns the El Capitan Theater next door.  The fact that the theater only shows Disney movies and the temple is now the home of an ABC late night talk show not so subtly reminds us that The Mouse prevails on Hollywood Boulevard.  The arrival of Jimmy Kimmel Live just adds that perfect “it’s a happening place” touch to this part of Hollywood Boulevard as does the Dolby Theater across the street where the Oscars take the stage every winter.  We eagerly suggest to our star struck private Los Angeles tour guests that they make arrangements to join the audience to see Jimmy Kimmel’s rocking show just because it films in an historic building in the center of this burgeoning entertainment neighborhood.



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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 3 February 2015

It’s Zack and Johnny Depp on Hollywood Boulevard

Movie stars hanging out on Hollywood Boulevard

Two (Celebrity) Men and a Baby Entreat

Our Private Tour

“Celebrity Sightings” is a game we often play on any private Los Angeles tour that we do.  After all, we often have aboard our luxury SUV starstruck families visiting Hollywood and Beverly Hills for the very first time and their eyes are peeled to the sidewalks and restaurant patio tables as we drive along, all of them looking to see a famous person.  Do the actors along Hollywood Boulevard who work so hard to create a fine impersonation of a favorite movie or television star count as a “celebrity sighting”?  Sometimes… we don’t always “pop” our guests’ bubbles when they see Johnny Depp and Zack Galifianakis standing together in front of the Grauman’s Chinese Theater box office.  These “stars” change throughout the year depending on which stars (and characters) capture the most attention and draw the most photograph seeking tourists to tip them.  Expect to see the Avengers along the boulevard later this year (Ironman, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye, Hulk, Black Widow).

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 4 December 2014

Our Private Hollywood Tour Guests Love Their Silly Photos

Spiderman and Snow join our private tour family for a photograph

Pick Your Favorite Film Character to Pose with

on Hollywood Boulevard Tour

Sometimes it seems there are more costumed characters along Hollywood Boulevard than there are visitors.  This is especially true near Grauman’s Chinese Theater where the large and cherished forecourt allows the characters to congregate more freely.  Whenever our private Los Angeles tour guests are so inclined we include these characters in our tour photographs because it creates beautiful memories and is a whole lot of fun.  The actors behind the masks are very good at helping us to get the best shots.  We know so many of these costumed personalities that we can seek out and find particular characters if our guests have a favorite.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 6 August 2014

Aliens Welcome on Hollywood Boulevard

Filming an alien on Hollywood Boulevard

Our Private Tour Guests Treated

to Special Hollywood Visitation

Just another day along Hollywood Boulevard and we get to point out to our private Los Angeles tour guests this lovely fellow ambling along the street in front of the Jimmy Kimmel studio.  Like most film and photo shoots there is no announcement or signage identifying the activity (or the creature in this case).  We always have to find a bored policeman or overactive PA (production assistant) to get the details and hope our information is correct.  This turns out to be a film segment intended for Comic-Con in San Diego.  We could not determine where the creature originated (not which planet, which studio).  If you have more information feel free to share it with us on our Facebook page (or Tumblr, Pinterest or Google+).

Giant animatronic creature and its driver being filmed on Hollywood Boulevard

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 12 May 2014

Showgirls of Hollywood Boulevard

Some of the seediness still on Hollywood Boulevard

It Is Not Really a Dark Underbelly We Show Our Los Angeles Tour Guests

Hollywood Boulevard continues its remarkable makeover from an overlooked urban thoroughfare fraught with seedy businesses and questionable street people to a city business avenue offering high quality shops, fine restaurants, entertainment and nightlife.  But the renaissance is not quite complete.  There are still small sections of the boulevard between La Brea and Gower that could stand to be upgraded.  While some Los Angeles purists enjoy the reminders of those days of neglect where strip clubs, smoke shops and tattoo parlors lined the boulevard the whole way most locals are very pleased with the transition.  With business booming these days in the City of Angels, in particular glittering Hollywood, boutique hotels, fancy nightclubs and non-souvenir retailers are opening up and the visitors are making the longer walk to visit stars on the Walk of Fame that have generally been ignored.  Our private Los Angeles tour guests, especially the younger ones, always giggle at the marquee of the Déjà vu strip club that reads, “1000s of Beautiful Girls & 3 Ugly Ones.”

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 21 April 2014

The Giant Mice of Hollywood Boulevard

Our guest gets between Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Our Littlest Los Angeles Tour Guest Loves the Mice

And the mice love him.  Disney is all around Hollywood, not just at Disneyland to the south of the city.  Disney Studios is just over the hill from where Mickey and Minnie ply their mouse pads on Hollywood Boulevard so these large rodents had a short trip to work.  Walt’s original garage studio is nearby in Los Feliz and his large scale model train is set up in nearby Griffith Park and open for visits by the public once a month.  Just to the left of the frame of the above photograph is Disney’s El Capitan Theater and the Disney Store.  The street also harbors other famous Disney movie characters who will pose for photographs with our private Los Angeles tour guests while we snap the photo.  We wondered how the human souls of these two costumed figures manage in the rising heat as summer approaches.  We kept watching and then we knew.  Convertibles.  Just put the top up.

Mickey and Minnie take a break on Hollywood Boulevard

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 18 April 2014

Walking the Baby in Hollywood

An unusual character in Hollywood

Our Los Angeles Tour Guests are Uncertain if He is a Costumed Character or Not

Readers of our Los Angeles tour blog know that we photograph our guests and their surroundings every day as we sightsee through Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills and along the beaches.  Our readers also know, as does anyone who has visited Hollywood, that along the Walk of Fame you will see super heroes, cartoon and movie characters and street performers.  And then there are the characters.  Like Jesus.  In the case of the above gentleman our guests got into a lively discussion.  Was it Zach Galifianakis or just a lookalike?  Was it an actor working for tips or someone with an odd sense of humor roaming Hollywood Boulevard?  It is a mystery. We have not seen him since this day.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 21 January 2014

Saving Mr. Banks Umbrellas Over Hollywood

Umbrellas everywhere in Hollywood for Saving Mr. Banks

A Private Tour in Hollywood Means Movie Magic

When the premiere for Saving Mr. Banks was coming to Hollywood the street was decorated with umbrellas as our luxury Los Angeles tour guests saw.  Suspended over Hollywood Boulevard in front of Jimmy Kimmel’s studio right next to Disney’s El Capitan Theater the umbrellas actually served to shade the street from our blazing winter sun.  It was magical and we are certain that Walt Disney would have approved.

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