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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 10 February 2013

Inventive Los Angeles

Photo of the Elite Adventure Tours Luxury Van in Bel AirSightseeing with us is not just a matter of movie stars and mansions, studios and film locations, ancient (1920s) and modern (1980s) history.  Our guides are true treasure troves of trivia when it comes to Los Angeles as well as Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Venice, Malibu and, in fact, the whole area.

For instance, on a private Los Angeles tour in the comfort and elegance of our custom van you might learn the ten important things invented right here in Los Angeles…

1.   De-salination of Sea Water (at UCLA in 1963)
2.   The Internet  (UCLA again gets most of the credit — research began early ’60s)
3.   The Surfboard (earliest examples invented in Hawaii, but the “modern” board here in L.A.!)
4.   The Burrito (right here in L.A. prior to 1850 when all of California was part of Mexico)
5.   The Lunar Lander (and most other NASA space vehicles, including the Shuttles)
6.   The Automatic Railroad Gate Crossing
7.   The Modern Gasoline Station
8.   The French Dip sandwich (two downtown restaurants claim this invention)
9.   The Tortilla Chip (1940)
10. The Fortune Cookie (1918 in Chinatown)

Besides coming away with a terrific album of photographs from your tour you will have all this great knowledge to share with your friends and family.  Who knows, maybe we can introduce you to Alex Trebek while you are here!



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