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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 7 October 2014

Our Tour Vehicles All Carry One

All the things you need for first-aid for your dog in a single kit

First-Aid for Dogs Is As Important as

First-Aid for People on Our Private Tour

We have very large special vehicles for our private Los Angeles tour and we make use of all that space.  Much goes to drinks, snacks, videos, photo books, special tour items and aromatherapy towels for our guests.  Of course, we have vehicle detailing supplies and tools for those unfortunate mishaps that occur from time to time.  But we also maintain our first-aid kits.  One for people, of course, and one for dogs.  Why dogs?  Because we are the only tour company in Los Angeles that offers special K-9 tours of our city.  We welcome people’s puppies along for the ride as we explore the great sights and destinations of Los Angeles, Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  When we have dogs along then we also visit celebrity dog parks and fire hydrants of the rich and famous.  We get our Dog On-the-Go First-Aid Kit from Denise Fleck at  Denise is an expert in pet first-aid, teaching first responders and pet owners how to save animals in distress.  She developed first-aid kits for pets to fill a need she saw going unserved.  Visit her website to learn more about Denise and pet first-aid and to order your own emergency kit.

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