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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 10 January 2017

The Biggest Sign in Hollywood

The youngest member of our private tour today presents the Hollywood Sign

This Private Tour Guest Can Spell Hollywood

You don’t have to be big to enjoy a private tour of Hollywood.  Our littlest guests love the twisty turns of the roads we take up to the great Hollywood Sign.  Like their parents their jaws drop when we take them to our secret spot to first see the sign up close.  Such big letters on the mountainside and they spell them out in grand Sesame Street style (we will take them to see Kermit the Frog when we return to town later).  And, for their parents, we get many good photographs of the kids reveling in the wide panorama of Hollywood and the sea seen from this lofty perch just beneath the landmark sign.  The kids want to know how tall each letter is (45 feet) and how long the sign is (350 feet across).  Mom and dad are more interested in when the sign was erected and why (1923 to advertise a new housing development called Hollywoodland).  Yes, four letters from the original sign are gone (as are the lights) these days and the film industry appropriated the novelty of the attraction for itself.  It was Hollywood, though, that saved the sign in 1978 (thank you Hugh Hefner and friends) with a complete restoration.  Thanks, too, to Sherwin-Williams for a repainting and restoration job four years ago.  According to our young guests all the sign needs now is a giant swing underneath.  Hear that, Hollywood?

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 26 July 2016

The Joy of Flying Over Los Angeles

The kids are ready to takeoff and see Los Angeles by helicopter

Their Private Tour Took Off Over Los Angeles

We have an exciting ground tour that is an adventure for our guests of all ages.  For our younger passengers there are wonderful parks to run, jump and climb in that make a private sightseeing tour more than riding around in a really nice car all day and looking at stuff.  There are costumed characters, film studios that specialize in kids’ movies and television shows, bubbling pools of liquid tar, extreme skate parks, sandy beaches, amusement rides…there is just about anything you can think of that will impress an energetic young person.  But the very best thing is a ride in a luxury helicopter.  From take off to landing the kids are fascinated with the whirlybird’s flight whether we are high up over the mountains with views from Catalina Island (where we can fly if we want as our aircraft are all twin-engine) to Malibu and the whole Los Angeles basin…or down low skimming along the Pacific Ocean where the porpoises, whales, seals and sea lions respond to us as we slow and hover above.  Mom and dad are interested in the celebrity homes lining the shore and the grand mansions built on the mountain slopes above the beach.  Combining both a private custom tour in our SUV with a long aerial tour over and around Los Angeles is as memorable an experience of L.A. as any amusement park…even Disneyland.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 6 April 2016

Little Boy Meets Giant Sloth at La Brea Tar Pits

A little boy poses with a giant sloth at the La Brea Tar Pits

Private Tours Are For Kids, Too

We really appreciate that parents ask us about how much fun their children might have on a private tour of Los Angeles with us.  We love that they care about their interests as we drive around surrounded by so much movie history and technology.  What will interest a child in and around Hollywood?  Well, being just big kids ourselves (or in touch with our inner child), we know where to go to keep the young folks aboard our tours fascinated and engaged while also informing and captivating their parents.  One terrific location is the La Brea Tar Pits.  Green grass fields interrupted with stinky tar pits.  In the summer there are people down in the tar pits playing in the muck (really, scientists carefully removing fossils).  The Page Museum has reconstructed skeletons of some of the creatures that roamed the area long before movie stars did.  Giant sloths, saber-tooth cats, camels, mastodons, dire wolves…all sorts of monsters most folks do not associate with Los Angeles, at least not like they think of Frankenstein, Dracula and Wolfman.  We can also visit the Nickelodeon Studios and the Henson Studios, a celebrity dog park, the Venice Skate Park, Fern Gully in Griffith Park, the carousel in Griffith Park or on the Santa Monica Pier.  Depending on what the kids like there are all sorts of parks and trails, celebrity homes and hangouts that will interest them.  We make lots of stops for running around and climbing and know the best places to stop for treats and drinks.  Lunch where the waiters sing (Miceli’s) or the best hot dogs in Hollywood (Pink’s).  Believe us when we say the kids will not forget their custom tour of Los Angeles.  And the parents will have some really wonderful photographs of the kids loving L.A.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 24 September 2015

Hollywood Sign Kid

Even our youngest guests love to pose with the Hollywood Sign

Our Young Private Tour Guest Loves

Her Hollywood Sign Visit

You are never too young to enjoy a visit to any of our favorite Hollywood Sign spots.  Sure, there is a giant word on the side of the mountain but more important, there are dirt trails and a large green park with doggies and throw toys.  There are big rocks to climb on and jump off.  Can we go visit the lake below (Lake Hollywood behind the Mulholland Dam)?  There are wild animals all around (deer, raccoons, and skunks that we regularly see, bobcats and coyotes that we rarely encounter).  Flutterbys and bumbly bees are everywhere throughout the year.  What’s that bird running over there with a doodad popping up from his head (quail)?  Who is Madonna?  Is Bugsy Siegel a rabbit?  Where is Sesame Street, that must be somewhere around here?  I want to see Miss Piggy’s celebrity home.  So, yes, mom and dad, you do not have to be so big to have fun on a private Los Angeles tour with us.  We will be delighted to explain all these references to you in grown up terms.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 10 July 2014

Kids Love our Private Los Angeles Tour

Kids have lots of fun on a private Los Angeles tour

We Know the Best Places to Play in All of L.A.

When we are talking with parents about their private tour in Los Angeles they always express concern that their children will be bored or overwhelmed with facts and trivia they do not care about or that they will get too antsy to continue on the tour.  Well…we convince the adults that our tours are fun from start to finish for everyone, no matter how old they are or how young they feel.  We know the best spots to stop for some play time, to run around a bit, climb some rocks or roll down a steep hill.  The fountain at the Hollywood + Highland Center is just one example of a place kids can get their yayas out.  Rancho La Brea is another.  Swinging past the Nickelodeon Studios, the Henson Studios or Disney Studios brings wide-eyed wonder to our youngest passengers.  They get so excited to just get out of the van and pose for a photograph on the sidewalk in front.  We also pass by homes and sights in Hollywood and Beverly Hills connected with celebrities only the young will know (and our guides).  With our snack basket and drink cooler we can keep them going until a meal stop is in order.  Plus, a big plus, we keep a stack of very familiar and beloved animated movie DVDs in the vans at all times that we can show on our 23″ flatscreen television if some portion of the tour involves a lengthy ride on the freeway, like driving back from Anaheim or San Diego to Hollywood.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 29 July 2013

Our Private Tour Guest is a Future Shirley Temple

Photo of our little tour guest at Shirley Temple's handprints

The Next Shirley Temple on Our Private Hollywood Tour

Animal crackers in her soup, lions and tigers loop-da-loop….isn’t she just precious?  She was so photogenic, as were her siblings, that it is a very good thing their private Los Angeles tour guide had a digital SLR camera to take LOTS of pictures for the family’s photo album of their tour around Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  They had photos by the Hollywood Sign and at the La Brea Tar Pits and got to see the Nickelodeon and Jim Henson Studios.  Naturally, our guides know where the stars’ homes are of celebrities that the kids know (including one where Shirley Temple lived).  Her smile was ear to ear the whole time she was with us even though she has probably never seen one of the 40 or so feature films Shirley Temple made.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 18 July 2013

Meet Shrek on Your Private Tour

Photo of our tour guest and Shrek in Hollywood

Photos with Stars on a Private Hollywood Tour

Some of the characters we photograph our private Los Angeles tour guests with do not move and take perfect photographs all the time.  Like Shrek, above, photographed with the lovely Brooke Saward, a travel writer who spent two days journeying with us through Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills and the beach communities of Marina del Rey, Venice, Santa Monica and Malibu earlier in the year.  (Be sure to visit Brooke’s website if you like to travel.)  Madame Tussaud’s wax museum in Hollywood (where Shrek hangs out) really captures the personalities and personas of movie and television stars and characters that will appeal to all ages but the kids will really love seeing all their favorite magical and animated characters standing there — almost real.  Our custom private tour can truly cater to a child’s imagination and interests stopping at numerous young person-friendly locations all through Los Angeles.  Nickelodeon, Henson Studios, the tar pits, museums of the strange, unusual and weird, and parks and trails steep with dirt and Hollywood history.  Most important — all of our tour guides speak “kid.”

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 14 April 2013

Hats Off to Kermit and The Little Tramp

Photo of Kermit the Frog statue at Henson Studios in Hollywood

Especially for Kids on a Private Los Angeles Tour

Our luxury tours are always private and custom so that our guests visit all the destinations that interest them from all the possible things to see in Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Malibu.  If they are interested in celebrity homes and architecture then we feature those sights.  If Hollywood history intrigues them then Hollywood history they see.  If they are attracted to gossip and scandal then we oblige them.  Or a little bit of each.  The same goes for younger guests aboard our luxury vans.  We know the Hollywood (recent) history that interests them and the celebrity homes of the young stars, the best playgrounds and parks and the eateries that are the most fun when you’re young.  A regular stop when we have kids aboard is the Jim Henson Studios on La Brea (originally the historic Chaplin Studios and later A&M Records).  Atop the entrance stands Kermit the Frog donning the attire of Chaplin’s The Little Tramp.  We got this great photograph above as two pigeons departed Kermit’s doffed bowler.

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