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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 16 March 2015

Downtown Los Angeles and the Lakes

Flying over a lake near downtown Los Angeles

Our Tour Guests Fly Over Little Water

as Well as Big Water

Despite its arising from a near desert, Los Angeles does have bodies of water all around that are not salty.  Silverlake, McArthur Park Lake and Echo Park Lake (above) stand out as we fly low over the city on a grand helicopter tour.  Flying for an hour allows us to fly between the skyscapers of downtown having already seen the nearby lakes and then on toward the ocean after banking west above the Los Angeles Coliseum and the University of Southern California.  Once over the Santa Monica Bay, with no altitude restrictions, we can fly really low.  We skim the ocean while its whales, dolphins, sea lions and seals marvel as our luxury-appointed bird noisily passes overhead.  We take note of the surfers and the lovely beach abodes of the Hollywood set as we cruise up to Malibu.  Yes, despite the desert conditions and the drought, there is a lot of water all around and through Los Angeles.

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