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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 19 October 2016

Get to Paris Quickly from Los Angeles

It looks like Paris but we are in Las Vegas at the Paris Hotel

How About a Private Tour of Paris (from Los Angeles)

It turns out that a taste of Paris is not that far from here.  We are talking about Paris – Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.  With its half-sized Eiffel Tower, a mini-Arc de Triomphe, a suggestion of the Montgolfier balloon, a facade of the Louvre, replica fountains and bridges – this is Las Vegas at its best – much like the collection of souvenirs your aunt and uncle brought home to you from their European tour.  Giant kitsch.  We love it!  Everyone does.  One does not go to Las Vegas for historical accuracy.  We go for the fun of it.  We want to be transported to Paris for a night or two or to Camelot or Venice.  Las Vegas makes Los Angeles seem stalwart and pious which it definitely is not as we so ably demonstrate to all of our private tour guests enjoying a custom tour of the city with us.  And if our guests request that we take them to Las Vegas for some gambling and big name entertainment accompanied by superb wining and dining then we can do that.  Las Vegas is a short charter flight away.  We have all the connections to extend a private Los Angeles tour to our neighbor state and continue the VIP treatment that our guests expect.  Even more…we can arrange a private helicopter tour and catered lunch on the rim of the Grand Canyon.  Nothing “reduced scale” about that!  If you are feeling like une nuit sur la ville, Paris then let us make that happen for you.

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