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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 24 August 2016

The Lighthouse Near the Terranea Golf Course

As we depart the Terranea Resort our helicopter flies over the Point Vicente Lighthouse

Beautiful Lighthouse Guides Our Private Tour to Terranea Golf Course

When our guests are staying at the Terranea Resort on the Palos Verdes Peninsula and wish to have a private tour around Los Angeles in one of our luxury helicopters we do not have to pick them up and drive them to one of the several airports that we usually fly from in the city.  We can land the helicopter just above the Terranea Golf Course and the resort will shuttle our guests to their awaiting aircraft.  The first grand sight we see as we lift off is the Point Vicente Lighthouse.  This jewel on our dangerous coast has been keeping ships safe since 1926.  The lens, originally crafted in Paris in 1886 (and used in a lighthouse in Alaska until coming to California), stands more than 250 feet above the water.  Despite the technological advances in shipping navigation and safety the lighthouse was a functional part of the National Lighthouse Service until the U.S. Coast Guard took control.  Since 1979 this structure has been listed on the National Registry of Historic Sites and is open to the public one Saturday a month.  You might be interested in reading about the ghost, the Lady of the Lighthouse, who one of our guides growing up nearby witnessed.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 12 January 2015

A Private Tour on the South Coast Near Los Angeles

Looking north on the California coast to the Palos Verdes Lighthouse (Los Angeles)

We Go Towards the Light on

This Private Tour

We can count on delighting our private Los Angeles tour guests who arrive on cruise ships after we depart the ship terminal and head up the coast toward Los Angeles.  Gaining the coast road in San Pedro we skirt the beautiful southern California coast all along the Palos Verdes peninsula heading toward the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) in Torrance.  There are jaw-dropping views of the craggy coastline and our dark blue ocean on one side and palatial estates on the other.  We pass by Trump National Golf Course and, as we see here, the Palos Verdes Lighthouse at Pt. Vicente.  Sure, the freeway ride from the ship to Hollywood is faster but a slower ride with amazing scenic views like this are well worth the trip.  In fact, our guests often elect to return to the cruise ship terminal along this same route.  That choice speaks for itself.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 7 March 2014

Cruise Ship Guests Cruise the Coastline

The beautiful California coast near Los Angeles

Some Los Angeles Tours Begin at the Cruise Ship Terminal

We serve guests arriving in the port on cruise ships throughout the year.  Sometimes Los Angeles is their destination and other times it is simply a layover.  Picking up our private tour guests up in the Port of Long Beach or in San Pedro means a lovely drive along the beautiful southern California coastline up to Marina del Rey.  The excellent photograph above was taken just north of San Pedro and captures the beautiful Pt. Fermin Lighthouse with Catalina Island in the background.  Further along the coast road we pass the Trump National Golf Club and the Terranea Resort before getting to the Pacific Coast Highway and the wonderful beach communities of Redondo, Hermosa and Manhattan.  It is a breathtaking drive and perfect for cruise ship passengers just getting their land legs back.  By the time we get to Hollywood and Beverly Hills everyone is ready for an adventure in movie history and a chance to see where the stars live and work.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 7 January 2014

Lighthouse on Palos Verdes Peninsula

Aerial view of Palos Verdes lighthouse

Helicopter Tour on the Coast Reveals Historic Lighthouse

Once the brightest beacon in southern California the Point Vicente Lighthouse still operates and keeps the shipping channel up and down along California’s coast safe for vessels.  The Coast Guard Auxilliary, volunteers maintaining the lighthouse, monitor emergency radio frequencies from the facility in the event of a craft in distress.  This is the view of the lighthouse our private Los Angeles tour guests see most often looking down from a helicopter tour along the coast.  For lighthouse aficionados the lighthouse grounds have a museum and are open daily for visitors.  Travel by the structure at night and see if you witness the Lady of the Light.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:13 27 November 2012

Spooky Lighthouse on Palos Verdes

Photo of the lighthouse on Palos Verdes, CA

This is a great view on a perfect warm and clear November day of the Point Vicente Lighthouse in Palos Verdes, CA, just north of the Terranea Resort and south of Marina del Rey.  The photographer, our tour guide Jeff who, incidentally, grew up in Palos Verdes, loves to tell his private luxury tour guests seeing this exquisite part of the Los Angeles coastline the story of the spirit.

I remember seeing the apparition as a child.  It looked like a woman in a long flowing gown holding a lantern with an outstretched arm following the beam as it went around the tower.  The story was that she was the wife of sailor lost at sea awaiting his return. In those years that part of the hill was isolated and lonely, especially at night.  Sadly, when the lighthouse was renovated and the glass surrounding the lamp was changed, she disappeared.

Was the lady of the lighthouse an optical phenomenon caused by light from the 3rd degree Fresnel lens in its original 1926 glass housing or was it a spirit pining for its lover?  We’ll keep an eye on the structure during our future coast tours and let you know if we learn anything.

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