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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 20 September 2016

Fun Food in Hollywood at Pink’s Hot Dogs

A funny picture while waiting for lunch at Pink's Hot Dogs in Hollywood

Pink’s is One Special Place for Lunch on a Private Tour in Los Angeles

We try to make every moment of our Los Angeles private tour fun.  From picking up our guests at their hotel to dropping them off after sightseeing in Hollywood, Beverly Hills and whatever other destinations are of interest to them we want the entire time to be informative, interesting and most of all … fun!  Now this includes our stop for lunch.  One of the funnest places we can offer to go with our guests is Pink’s Hot Dogs just around the corner from the Melrose Avenue shopping district.  If Hollywood is our morning visit then Pink’s is the perfect place for a lunch break before spending the afternoon in Beverly Hills.  Are the hot dogs good at Pink’s?  If they weren’t you can bet this little stand wouldn’t be so popular still (fast moving lines since 1939 from opening to their late night closing) and highly regarded.  Favored by Emeril BAM dog at Pinkscelebrities and studio workers alike there is always a raucous crowd chowing down on Pink’s kosher hot dogs and assorted side dishes.  Making the food choices even more difficult are the regular specials.  This visit we had the chance to try out the new Emeril BAM Dog.  For those of us who are regulars here the specials tempt us away from our favorites and often become our new favorite dogs to order.  Pink’s is only one of the terrific places we can take our guests for lunch.  There are other famous food stands, small cafés and even posh restaurants that can make lunch very special when getting to know Los Angeles.




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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 13 July 2016

Al Pacino Eats Here

Just across from our booth – Al Pacino

Our Private Tour Stops for Lunch with Al Pacino

Why wouldn’t Al Pacino want to eat lunch at the wonderful Nate & Al delicatessen when he’s in town?  And why wouldn’t we bring our Los Angeles private tour guests here for a big sandwich and specialty soda when we are in Beverly Hills at lunchtime?  Our crew eats here all the time so we are quite familiar with the corned beef on fresh baked rye bread and all the appropriate condiments to be found in an authentic deli.  We also know from experience that movie stars and other celebrities regularly drop in for meals.  Larry King is a regular.  We have seen them all from old timers who must really know their deli foods to younger stars just beginning to get the hang of pastrami and matzo ball soup.  Los Angeles is almost rich with great delis.  Many of them have real Hollywood history like Langer’s and Label’s TableJerry’s Deli is making history these days.  What our tour guests learn is that you don’t have to go to the northeast U.S. to find excellent delis and that we here in Los Angeles can enjoy lox and bagels and good kugel whenever the urge strikes.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 15 June 2016

California Donuts, Anyone?

Quick snack stop at California Donuts on the way to Hollywood

California Donuts to Get Our Private L.A. Tour Going

Showing off the various ethnic neighborhoods around Hollywood we might find ourselves near Koreatown and Little Bangladesh.  Besides the amazing aromas of tantalizing exotic foods wafting into the warm morning air of the city there is… what is that?… oh my, the scent of fresh baked donuts!  It is California Donuts #21 (to be exact), a 24/7/365 oasis for baked goods lovers (and coffee).  Because we only do private, custom tours of Los Angeles we can Yummy panda donut at California Donuts near Hollywoodstop any time and anywhere.  Even with the windows of our luxury SUVs closed the air-conditioning brings those sweet smells into the vehicle and our guests ask if it would be ok to make a quick stop.  OK?  It is more than OK.  Maybe we planned to drive along 3rd Street as we approach Hollywood just to be sure the idea pops into our guests’ heads.  We know a lot of places like California Donuts to recommend for quick stops for snacks and longer stops for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  We love sharing those special Los Angeles foods and styles with our guests from singing waiters (Miceli’s) to old-time kosher hot dogs (Pink’s) to movie stars at the next table (Polo Lounge).  When you come to Los Angeles and want an unforgettable, and tasty, sightseeing adventure be sure to give us a call.


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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 24 May 2016

The Ivy for Lunch During Tour

Lunch with the Hollywood folks at the Ivy in Beverly Hills

Private Tour Lunches with the Stars

Sightseeing can be hard work.  All those great Los Angeles sights to look at.  All the history to understand.  All the funny stories to laugh at.  A private Los Angeles tour is a lot like seeing the city through the eyes of a trusted family member who knows where everything is and is a part of the Hollywood scene, an entertainer.  We stop regularly as we drive around to  explore the places of interest in Hollywood, Beverly Hills, downtown and even out to the beaches from Venice to Malibu.  If we start our custom tour in the morning then by lunchtime we might have some big appetites to contend with in a city full of fine places to stop for lunch.  So we do.  One of the most requested lunch stops made by our guests who so often seem to know exactly where they wish to eat is The Ivy on Robertson in Beverly Hills.  Why this particular restaurant?  Well, they know from following the gossip out of Hollywood that this place is popular with the glitterati, the stars and the people behind the scenes and the dealmakers of the entertainment industry.  Plus, the food is excellent.  An outdoor patio bordered by a white picket fence gives our guests a chance to see all the faces of passersby and those entering the restaurant.  The funny thing about Hollywood is that everyone looks like a movie star even when they aren’t.  The fine food is just a part of the enjoyment of stopping for lunch at The Ivy.  Our custom tour allows our guests to enjoy a fine meal along the way anywhere they wish.  From “A List” to “D List”, above-the-line to below-the-line, we know places to go to restore our strength for an afternoon of touring in Los Angeles.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 30 September 2014

A Wonderful Hidden Inn Treasure – Hotel Bel Air

Lovely sun dappled photo of the Hotel Bel Air sign

A Fancy Lunch for our Luxury Tour Guests

So often our private Los Angeles tour beginning in the morning will extend through lunch and our guests, not wanting to end their sightseeing excursion with us, will ask us to suggest a fitting restaurant that will be exciting, excellent and exemplary for their visit to our beautiful city.  If we are in the vicinity of the Hotel Bel-Air at that time then it is well worth the drive up Stone Canyon into the wooded enclave next to Beverly Hills to spend time exploring this grand inn where discretion and quiet are the modus operandi.  The Wolfgang Puck restaurant there caters to those with epicurean tastes and satisfies everyone’s inner gourmand.  We are never surprised at whom of the Hollywood celebrities we might see dining there but generally there are always recognizable faces enjoying a quiet, private meal with friends or business associates.  And, oh, the stories our guides know about the history (notable and scandalous) that they can relate while visiting the Hotel Bel-Air.

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