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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 27 May 2015

A Very Special Private Beach Tour

A special occasion private tour might include a wedding proposal on the beach

Our Los Angeles Tour Guests Are

Here for All Occasions

It is graduation time right now and many of our private Los Angeles tour guests are visiting Los Angeles and Hollywood with their families as a reward for all their hard work toward matriculation.  Throughout the year we find ourselves party to a family coming to Los Angeles for all kinds of traditions and special occasions.  We are more than happy, delighted really, to assist in the planning of private custom tours and adventures to celebrate and memorialize these occasions.  Wedding proposals are a specialty of ours.  We can provide extra special helicopter tours to romantic spots around Los Angeles to really amaze an unsuspecting partner.  A flight to Malibu Rocky Oaks can even mean a private overnight accommodation with music and a personal chef to prepare a romantic sunset meal by the infinity pool.  We also can journey up to the Santa Ynez Valley for a vineyard proposal.  Or, as above, just a long walk on a secluded beach that climaxes with a marriage proposal beneath a flock of wheeling seagulls (the birds are extra).  Do not overlook retirement parties, anniversaries and all the other special occasions that are landmarks in our lives.  We have a custom tour just for that.

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