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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 12 July 2016

Our Dash to DASH

You are never too young to shop at DASH

A “Must Shop” Stop at DASH on a Private Luxury Tour

We are always in contact with our Los Angeles private tour guests before we pick them up.  Sometimes when tours are booked through our website there are numerous emails and telephone calls working out the plans and itineraries that give our guests the custom tour of their dreams.  If we are introduced through their hotels we stilPosing with the Kardashian sisters at DASHl exchange ideas and provide suggestions in advance and make sure we get to the important sights and destinations they wish to visit.  No matter what exchanges are made before we begin our sightseeing adventure we always begin the actual tour by asking, “Where do you want to go today?”  We understand that just being in Los Angeles brings new ideas to mind.  Plus, some days you just feel like doing this and not that.  We get that.  It’s a custom tour and we can change the route and itinerary from the beginning or as we go along.  So when our guests say “We want to go shopping” then off we head to the most exciting shops and boutiques that we know.  And when our young guests say “We want to go to DASH” then that is where we drive.  We go there so often we should have our own parking space in front of the elegant and popular store.  As part of the Melrose Avenue shopping experience we visit both this La Cienega end of high end boutiques as well as the other Fairfax/La Brea portion of young and hip boutiques.  Between both we can fill our SUV with designer shopping bags and more nondescript packaging that will outfit a young person for an entire school year.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 3 May 2016

Guys, Get Your Nails Done Here

Where guys get their nails done on Melrose Ave. – Hammer & Nails

Where Husbands on a Private Tour Can Get Their Nails Done

In a city of beautiful people we know where to go for shopping so that our private Los Angeles tour guests can dress like the celebrities whose homes we have just visited.  One wonderful street full of cutting edge fashions and designs is Melrose Avenue.  Most fashion boutiques are there for women, as you would expect.  But there are still plenty of places where men can shop (or be taken for shopping).  From hippie to hipster, from dealmaker to doctor, there are stores along this mile long stretch of retail businesses for every look.  And now, to counter all the store fronts catering to female grooming (hair and nail salons) there is now a nail salon just for men.  Hammer & Nails is modeled after the ideal man cave to let guys let their hair down as their finger- and toenails are shaped to perfection.  If you are a fan of Shark Tank then you might have seen this unique concept featured back in September, 2014.  Since then the Melrose store has flourished as Michael Elliot, its creator, envisioned.  Not to be a shill for this manly business, there really is more to having pedicures than looking good in sandals (pretty much yearlong footwear in Los Angeles).  There are a good number of health benefits attributed to well cared for feet and nails.  Health is important so feel free to make an appointment even during a custom tour of Hollywood and Beverly Hills with us and we will deposit the men here and carry on shopping along Melrose with the women.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 29 February 2016

Sportie LA When Shopping Melrose

A hip kicks and gear store on Melrose in Los Angeles

A Spring Break Shopping Stop on a Private Tour

Our next busy season is almost upon us.  Four to six weeks of families with young people visiting Los Angeles when school is on break.  The period is extended these days as every school takes a different week or weeks to send its students back out into the world.  We will be setting up private Los Angeles tours for Spring Breakers from Europe, Australia and New Zealand and for families from all over the world.  One thing kids like to do when exploring Los Angeles is to shop for the latest L.A. fashions.  What the celebrities are wearing, that’s what they want.  Where are the film stars and professional athletes buying their kicks and gear, that’s where we head for a bit of shopping as part of a custom tour.  Melrose Avenue and Sportie L.A. is one of those great unique boutiques that identify Melrose as a shopping heaven where chain stores are not welcome.  Where else would a young rocker want to look for stage wear?  Shoes and jackets for men, women and kids are available.  We can spend a good deal of time exploring and shopping along Melrose (and we have space in the SUV for lots of bags and packages) but there are several other exciting places to visit, too, where the theme can be shopping.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 5 January 2016

Shopping for T-shirts on a Tour of Melrose

THE place for t-shirts on Melrose in Los Angeles

Of Course We Stop to Shop on Melrose

During a Private Tour

Our large luxury SUVs have a lot of space aboard to fill with all the cool things that can be purchased along the way on a private Los Angeles tour.  We do not even need to focus on shopping (unless our guests wish us to and we easily can fill a day visiting the best shopping districts in town).  We make it a point to stop and investigate the best stores where we are doing our sightseeing as part of all our custom tours.  Cruising from Hollywood to the Inside Yonada on Melrose Avenue are t-shirts for every band known to manMiracle Mile (once a very famous shopping district) we always take a look at Melrose Avenue with its unique boutiques and fashion mystique.  Among the great stores we reveal to our guests is Yonada.  T-shirts galore!  Bands, concerts, retro – all sorts of styles and cuts perfect for any age, any occasion.  We can gather new clothing articles here and then head out to the Sunset Strip nightclubs for photos wearing our new band t-shirts.  Whatever your shopping desires are we can find the perfect businesses to visit when you are exploring Los Angeles with us.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 15 July 2014

Private Tour Visit to DASH on Melrose

Private Los Angeles tour guests at DASH

We Dash to DASH on this Tour of Los Angeles

We always welcome requests from our private Los Angeles tour guests and a good number of them will have researched Los Angeles or have heard of some location they just have to visit.  When it comes to retail, though, all our guests want us to take them to one place – DASH – the Kardashian owned boutique on Melrose Avenue near Beverly Hills.  The store brings in the Hollywood crowd at one time or another as well as curious cultural anthropologists from all over the world.  Our shopping tours (yes, we regularly guide private shopping tours) make DASH a stop either before or after nearby Robertson Boulevard and Rodeo Drive.  We used to drive up to Calabasas to visit the very first DASH boutique which is now closed.  The Melrose Avenue location is much closer to all the action.  DASH also has stores in Miami and New York.

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