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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 13 April 2013

Electric Motorcycles on a Los Angeles Tour

Photograph of a Zero Electric MotorcycleMost of the Elite Adventure Tours staff ride motorcycles.  We ride nice bikes but they all use gasoline (40-60 mpg).  But we are all admiring the Zero sports bikes available at Hollywood Electrics — they use no gasoline!  Plug them into a wall socket and you get 125 miles of travel for 1¢ a mile.  No noise, no smoke, no oily patches in the driveway or garage and they look cool and go fast quickly.

Our company is ready to lead you on a private tour of Los Angeles on motorcycles any time you want to go with your friends.  We would love to see some electric 2-wheelers with us as we ride the local mountain and beach roads.


Drop by Hollywood Electrics on Fairfax Boulevard (near Willoughby) and check out the newest mode of hot travel around.  We will be looking there, too, for our next bikes.

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