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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 5 October 2013

Who Killed Love – Meditation on L.A. Life on the Edge of Success

Book cover Who Killed Love by Don Scribner

Not Quite Gritty Look at Los Angeles Is Like a Private Tour

We often use this space to tout friends of the company whose work will interest our website visitors and prospective Los Angeles tour guests.  Don Scribneractor, screenwriter, songwriter – is now a novelist with the publication of his first work of literary fiction, Who Killed Love.  Set mostly in North Hollywood, this meditation on an artist’s life, not suffering but not quite successful, takes the reader through the paces of living in Los Angeles in the wake of great fortunes and the struggle to attain it.  The book is also a murder mystery.  Not a cozy mystery for you airport paperback readers nor the gritty, underbelly of the city, tough talking kind of puzzle you love from Elmore Leonard and his Los Angeles ilk.  Don has either broken all the rules of homicide novels or created a few new ones that make his story really work.  This is a perfect book for a vacation to Los Angeles with time at the hotel pool or Venice Beach or for those of us who simply love Los Angeles and prefer to read late into the night.  Don, a character himself, populates his mystery with many of the same people you would meet when out for a night of country western bar beer slinging in Hollywood.  But Beverly Hills is also a part of the story as you might imagine.  Don knows the city and its entertainment industry denizens so well that he is on our list of “celebrities” that join us for certain custom private tours with guests who want to know not just where the movie stars live but how to one day live there themselves (or show their children the path).  Don has great anecdotes and tales of behind the scenes in movieland and really tells those stories well.  He makes the tour even more than special for our guests and for us.

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