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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 12 October 2016

No Sweat on This Cycle

The Barcycle tour of Venice Beach is fun after our private tour of Los Angeles

One Awesome Way to Tour Venice Beach

One should not be drinking and driving is the rule but there are exceptions.  One exception, for instance, is you’re not exactly driving but rather pedaling.  On the Barcycle.  There are several advantages to a fun tour of Venice Beach bars on the Barcycle.  You can enjoy a beer as you soak up the fantastic sea air and enjoy the local sights; pedaling means the calories in the beer are being worked off as fast as they are consumed; and, you get to meet some nice people without having to yell over loud music from a jukebox.  Now we can do much the same thing on our private tour of Los Angeles but without all the physical effort.  We can provide transportation and a vehicle in which to enjoy a fine class of wine or a heady pilsner (on a BYOB basis) as we drive from one fancy nightclub to another on an evening tour of the hotspots of the city.  Yes, we know exactly where you will want to go for cocktails (or craft beer) and dancing from downtown Los Angeles to Hollywood, Beverly Hills and assorted beach communities.  We even make it a point to know where the latest celebrity nightspot is (we just look for the paparazzi).  The Barcycle is a lot of fun and you don’t have to dress up.  Our suggestion is to spend a couple of hours on the Barcycle and follow that with a nighttime private tour with us.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 18 September 2015

Venice – L.A.’s Cool Hood

Venice (California) welcomes you

Our Private Los Angeles Tour Guests Enjoy

Venice Day and Night

When we time just right an all day or just a late afternoon custom luxury tour of Los Angeles we can get through Hollywood and Beverly Hills, even downtown L.A., before heading to the beach to watch the sunset.  That means we get to explore Venice after the sun goes down when the cool evening breezes carry the aromas of ocean and food along the shore.  The boardwalk closes down and the crowds head back inland but the night people emerge to fill the sidewalks, food stands, cafés and restaurants.  The lighter traffic means that music can be heard everywhere, much of it live from street performers and some within businesses or just pouring out of the open windows of nearby residents.  Our hungry guests can decide to visit a Zagat-rated Venice restaurant or we can remain on the beach for deli at Danny’s or walk along to choose between the Figtree’s Café and Grill, the Sidewalk Café or the Venice Ale House.  The sea gulls settle onto the perches as we walk along the remaining canals and look into neighbors’ houses and completely enjoy a romantic promenade over arched wooden bridges through the waterways left from Abbot Kinney’s dream of a playground on a Los Angeles beach.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 12 November 2014

Hollywood at Night in the 40s

A rainy Hollywood night in the 1940s

Our Night Tour of This Hollywood Block

Is Much Different Today

Even when it rains in Hollywood, which it seldom does (and generally at night), the streets are never this empty.  Today the sidewalks are marked with the golden stars of great entertainers and other Walk of Fame notables and the stores are more likely to be nightclubs and restaurants.  There are people out walking and traffic at all hours.  You would need to time travel back to the 1940s to get this kind of quiet evening activity on Hollywood Boulevard near where Schwab’s Drugstore used to be.  In a time before shopping malls and designer outlets, store after store lined this important boulevard of Los Angeles.  Our private Los Angeles tour guests will walk this stretch of Hollywood to the pounding beat of club music and see the garish designs of tattoo parlors.  No streetcars sail down the center road tracks any more.  They have have been replaced by tour buses and Winnebagos.  But there is still a certain elegance to Hollywood Boulevard, a kind of southern California urban magic that attracts visitors and draws locals for a fun evening out.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 13 June 2014

A Sunset Los Angeles Tour Is Breathtaking

Another beautiful Santa Monica beach sunsetA Los Angeles Tour When the Sun Goes Down

We understand that most of our guests believe their private Los Angeles tour should occur during the day when Hollywood is hopping and the beautiful people are up and about in Beverly Hills.  It is true that southern California life enjoys the splendid sunshine and businesses are bustling during daylight hours.  However, the city is exquisite as the sun sets.  From downtown with the glass towers reflecting the orange glow of the skies to the beaches where everyone seems to hesitate and look to the west as the sun lowers into the ocean.  It is a daily drama that cannot be beat.  The neon lights flicker on and Los Angeles adopts its nighttime mystique.  And believe us, this is also a wonderful time for sightseeing.  It is cooler, the tourist crowds abate, the nightlife emerges (both wild and domesticated) and a whole different look of the city is available to our guests.

A last look at the setting sun in Santa Monica

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 16 July 2013

Let There Be Light on a Night Tour

Photo of the outdoor chandelier at Americana at Brand

The Americana at Brand Lights the Way for a Private Tour

A beautiful outdoor mall experience awaits us and our private Los Angeles tour guests at the Americana at Brand in Glendale.  Believe it or not our guests often request to visit this wonderful mix of elegant residences, fine stores, great restaurants, a trolley and dancing fountain, all designed to resemble a village in the middle of town.  The chandelier hanging above the valet parking area is just a simple sign of the thought and consideration that went into making this a must-see destination for shopping and entertainment both day and night.  We also regularly visit the sister mall, The Grove, in Hollywood if we are showcasing the Sunset Strip and Beverly Hills nightlife or we stop here at the Americana at Brand and then visit Old Town in Pasadena.

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