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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 15 January 2015

You Do Not Have to Be a Vampire to Love L.A. After Dark

Los Angeles comes alive at night

Custom City Tour Goes Into the Night

A late afternoon private Los Angeles tour often extends past sunset and darkness is no reason to conclude the excursion.  Los Angeles is beautiful when the sun sets on Sunset Boulevard as you can see in our recent photograph taken from a tour stop in the hills looking over Hollywood to downtown.  Street lights, store lights, neon lights and billboards add their glow to the scene as we continue to explore almost all of the same sights we would see during the daytime.  The only unfortunate omission would be the Hollywood Sign which is not illuminated except by the moon on a clear night.  But during a full moon even that stop on the side of Mt. Lee can be exhilarating for our luxury tour guests who can howl with the coyotes in the moonglow.  We heartily suggest to our guests that they consider joining us for sightseeing in Los Angeles as the day ends and the night begins, “Golden Time” as the Hollywood filmmakers refer to it.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 1 June 2013

Giant Guitar Lights Up the Night at Citywalk

Photo of giant guitar at Universal Citywalk

Private Los Angeles Night Tour at Citywalk

Los Angeles may not be known as the City of Lights but it certainly competes with Paris in that regard.  A good example of some of the nighttime photography we do on a private Hollywood tour after sunset is this image of the tribute to rock ‘n roll in front of the Hard Rock Cafe at Universal Citywalk.  An homage to Eddie Van Halen’s Frankenstrat this giant illuminated artwork brings the milling crowds to where the music can be heard (and the food is served).  There is much to see and do at Citywalk all year long but warm summer nights are the best time to enjoy all it has to offer.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 10:55 31 May 2012

June Gloom follows May Gray

The heavy Pacific fog rolls in nightly as the weather warms

This is the reason we so enjoy the occasional evening luxury tours of Los Angeles we get do with our guests.  Everything looks different.  But as photographers we find there is still plenty of light.  This view looking toward Santa Monica from the Hollywood Hills shows the marine layer making its way onshore where it will sit until late morning the next day.  While the inland areas heat up with approaching summer the coast remains cool and comfortable, even a bit nippy.  Southern Californians all know to dress in layers.  Our tour guests learn that lesson pretty quickly.

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