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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 2:31 24 September 2012

Oil and Los Angeles Still Mix

Photo of oil/gas derricks in Los Angeles (Baldwin Hills)

If you have a chance to drive through the Baldwin Hills area of Los Angeles, southwest of downtown, maybe on the way to the airport, the beach or Kenneth Hahn Park, you will see a very large area of undeveloped property given over to the pumping of oil and gas.  This vestigial oil field reminds historically minded residents of the days early in the last century when Los Angeles was rife with large oil fields in Hollywood, Beverly Hills and up and down along the coast.  An industrializing nation needed fuel and Los Angeles was providing it.  Our private luxury tour guests might be interested in knowing that L.A. Confidential was shot at this particular location but we also inform them of the importance of oil in the history and development of the region.  With the high price of oil right now there is increasing interest in resurrecting many of the closed down wells and utilizing modern, more effective means of getting the oil and gas up out of the ground.  Perhaps pumping will begin anew at the Beverly Hills High School well.

Historic photo of Los Angeles beach with oil derricks


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