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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 22 July 2013

Fire Storm Clouds the Desert Sky

Smoke clouds bloom over the San Jacinto Mountains

Private Desert Tour Witnesses Wildfire

Our custom luxury tours take our guests wherever they want to go in California.  Our custom vehicles generally explore southern California including the desert out to Palm Springs.  This past week we had occasion to show off the wide open space east of Los Angeles (the Mojave Desert) heading into that spectacular desert community.  Just south of our route are the San Jacinto Mountains where a large fire has been burning for more than a week near the camping and art community of Idyllwild.  The smoke clouds billow above the jagged rocky peaks while closer in an army of firefighting specialists battle the blaze to save the small mountain communities threatened by the blaze.  As we got closer we were treated to the sight of an air tanker arriving to fight the fire.  Favorable weather over the weekend has increased containment of the fire significantly.  We wish the best for threatened communities and for the safety of the firefighters.

Photo of air tanker near Idyllwild

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 22 February 2013

It is Folly to Miss the Palm Springs Follies

Photograph of Palm Springs FolliesYou ask us what else is there to do in Palm Springs after you see the Marilyn Monroe sculpture and play a round of golf?  Well, by all means get tickets to see impresario Riff Markowitz‘ fabulous musical revue, the Palm Springs Follies, now in its 22nd season. You will surely enjoy a delightful evening of music and dance with amazing guest stars and the droll master of ceremonies humor of Mr. Markowitz.  Located smack in the center of downtown (catty-corner from the giant Marilyn Monroe) in a wonderfully restored theater surrounded by excellent restaurants and stores the Follies is a must see event suitable for all ages.  Photo of a Palm Springs Follies FanWhat you might not know is that the cast, and generally the special guest stars, are all “getting up there”, retired, over-the-hill, respected elders, senior citizens — you get our drift.  But let us tell you the quality of the singing and dancing, the entire production in fact, is top notch, first cabin, A-One, nonpareil, well, just amazing!  When you are visiting Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Venice or Malibu, plan on a trip to Palm Springs with us.  Our private luxury tour can get you there in our custom appointed van or fly you in one of our comfortable helicopters and we will show you the town, this little desert community so full of Hollywood history.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 16 February 2013

Marilyn Monroe Discovered in Palm Springs

Photograph of Marilyn Monroe sculpture in Palm Springs The winter months always attract visitors from the north and east to our local desert community in Palm Springs, California.  Mild weather to us Californians means light jackets and socks, to those from winter climes we’re talking shorts and t-shirts, bathing suits and golf togs.

A special treat for everyone this year is a wonderful giant sculpture of Marilyn Monroe in her famous pose captured in the film The Seven Year Itch.  This 26′ tall, 17-ton Seward Johnson
(of Johnson & Johnson) work is a lifelike homage to a queen of the silver screen.  She stands in the center of town drawing admirers, gawkers and some very strange people to meander all around her, framed by clear blue skies and the nearby mountains.


TPhotograph of Marilyn Monroe sculpture in Palm Springs, CAhe sculpture was erected last May and is not a permanent resident of the neighborhood — at least not yet.  There is some controversy surrounding the highly sexualized yet iconic image (and fascination with the lacy panties, a photograph we are withholding to avoid the controversy ourselves).  Yet, Marilyn Monroe was discovered at the local raquet club and sat for Bruno Bernard, famous pin-up photographer, and met Hollywood talent agent Johnny Hyde there. She apparently always loved this beautiful desert village.

Photograph of Marilyn Monroe sculpture in Palm Springs, CA




Palm Springs is less than 2-hours drive from our fair city so a private Los Angeles tour out to the desert is reasonable.  We can also fly by helicopter or private jet and spend more of a day trip seeing the desert and noting all the Hollywood history attached to this town.

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