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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 28 January 2016

Before Seaworld There Was Marineland

Vintage photo of Marineland of the Pacific when it was open on the Palos Verdes Peninsula

A Private Tour Through Palos Verdes Peninsula Goes Near

Before Shamu down at SeaWorld in San Diego there were Orky and Corky up here on the Palos Verdes Peninsula at Marineland of the Pacific.  From 1954 until 1987 we had an oceanarium here in Los Angeles that drew multitudes to watch killer whales and dolphins perform in pools overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  While it was sad to lose such a popular destination as well as a fantastic restaurant location with views of the sea and Catalina Island (on clear days), the idea of keeping such creatures confined in pools and performing tricks for the public is not as acceptable today as it was back then as seen by the problems arising at nearby Seaworld.  We think it might be better that the fabulous Terranea Resort and Trump National Golf Course has taken the place of Marineland with its PGA level golf course and other luxury amenities.  Many Terranea guests enjoy our private Los Angeles tour.  We can pick them up at the resort in our luxury SUV or land in our helicopter to take them on an enjoyable aerial tour of Los Angeles.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 11 September 2015

Terranea – a Resort on the Sea Near Los Angeles

A view across the channel to the islands from the Terranea Resort near Los AngelesThe Terranea Is a Perfect Place to Begin a

Private Los Angeles Tour

Our private Los Angeles tour guests staying at the Terranea have the best of all possible worlds.  They enjoy a secluded first class hotel on the coast of the Palos Verdes Peninsula facing out toward Catalina Island, easy access to Trump National Golf Course if the resort links are not sufficiently challenging, and a pleasant drive north to Los Angeles (or we can arrange to pick everyone one up at the nearby landing pad in one of our luxury helicopters and begin a private custom tour that way).  There are four pools, eight restaurants, a 9-hole par-3 golf course, spa and water activities – in other words there is something to do at the resort for all ages and interests.  You probably did not know they have a falconry program they would enjoy making available to you.  Hiking, biking and horseback riding are other ways to stay active and enjoy the beauty of the ocean, the clear air and the views of the tall rolling hills of the peninsula and the island in the distance over the sea.  Plus, we are here to show you Hollywood and Beverly Hills and all things Los Angeles in whatever way most entertains and informs you.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 12 January 2015

A Private Tour on the South Coast Near Los Angeles

Looking north on the California coast to the Palos Verdes Lighthouse (Los Angeles)

We Go Towards the Light on

This Private Tour

We can count on delighting our private Los Angeles tour guests who arrive on cruise ships after we depart the ship terminal and head up the coast toward Los Angeles.  Gaining the coast road in San Pedro we skirt the beautiful southern California coast all along the Palos Verdes peninsula heading toward the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) in Torrance.  There are jaw-dropping views of the craggy coastline and our dark blue ocean on one side and palatial estates on the other.  We pass by Trump National Golf Course and, as we see here, the Palos Verdes Lighthouse at Pt. Vicente.  Sure, the freeway ride from the ship to Hollywood is faster but a slower ride with amazing scenic views like this are well worth the trip.  In fact, our guests often elect to return to the cruise ship terminal along this same route.  That choice speaks for itself.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 5 May 2013

Private Tour Sees Ponies Near Los Angeles

Photo of 2 ponies pulling a tiny rig

Pony Express Seen on Private Los Angeles Tour

Our terrific tour guide, Jeff, a native of the Palos Verdes Peninsula, was taking his Terranea guests through the estates of Rolling Hills when they encountered this two-pony-power carriage at Kelly’s Corner, one of the greatest shake shops in southern California (that’s almost a secret — don’t tell anyone).  The ponies were working hard for their feed back at the stable but Jeff tells us that the root beer floats here are to die for and the rest of the food is pretty darn good, too!  It was too early in their tour for our luxury tour guests on their way to some grand sightseeing with Jeff in Hollywood and Beverly Hills to stop for lunch.  We wonder if the residents of the Rolling Hills celebrity homes stop by Kelly’s Corner for a burger and shake?

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:13 27 November 2012

Spooky Lighthouse on Palos Verdes

Photo of the lighthouse on Palos Verdes, CA

This is a great view on a perfect warm and clear November day of the Point Vicente Lighthouse in Palos Verdes, CA, just north of the Terranea Resort and south of Marina del Rey.  The photographer, our tour guide Jeff who, incidentally, grew up in Palos Verdes, loves to tell his private luxury tour guests seeing this exquisite part of the Los Angeles coastline the story of the spirit.

I remember seeing the apparition as a child.  It looked like a woman in a long flowing gown holding a lantern with an outstretched arm following the beam as it went around the tower.  The story was that she was the wife of sailor lost at sea awaiting his return. In those years that part of the hill was isolated and lonely, especially at night.  Sadly, when the lighthouse was renovated and the glass surrounding the lamp was changed, she disappeared.

Was the lady of the lighthouse an optical phenomenon caused by light from the 3rd degree Fresnel lens in its original 1926 glass housing or was it a spirit pining for its lover?  We’ll keep an eye on the structure during our future coast tours and let you know if we learn anything.

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