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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 21 April 2016

No Swimming with the Fish in Beverly Hills

The wonderful koi pond that used to be in front of the Beverly Hills Hotel

Our Private Tour to the Koi Pond

The celebrated pond in the Will Rogers Memorial Park is full of large (fat?) koi.  Lots of them.  These gold and white bottom feeders live an opulent life in the center of Beverly Hills.  Located on Sunset Boulevard across from the Pink Palace (Beverly Hills Hotel) this is a wonderful stop for our private Los Angeles tour as we make our way from Hollywood into this famous city located completely within Los Angeles.  The park is a perfect place to stretch our legs, take photographs of the glorious pink building across the boulevard, and observe the natural wildlife of Beverly Hills.  We see all kinds of birds including escaped parrots and other exotic birds now living a feral life amid the lush and varied landscapes of the manicured gardens surrounding us.  The young folk with us are always fascinated by the giant goldfish, the koi, who live for 50 or more (sometimes many more) years.  We teach them that koi and goldfish have common carp ancestors but that koi were bred in Japan and goldfish in China.  We show them that little fleshy mustaches (called barbels) easily distinguish koi.  The park was once readily accessible from the hotel but as Sunset Boulevard became almost a major highway connecting downtown Los Angeles to the ocean getting there from the hotel involves a bit of walking and waiting to cross at the nearby intersections.  We like to drive here and park near the public restrooms which sometimes are pointed out as the location where singer George Michael was arrested for a public indiscretion.  For some of our guests that might be worth posing for a photograph for their tour album.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 9 September 2014

Yes, We Visited Beverly Hills

Anyone can see our private tour guests are in Beverly Hills

Our Private Tour Guests Are

All Smiles in Beverly Hills

There are some very lovely gardens and parks in Beverly Hills that we know please our Los Angeles tour guests visiting this tiny garden city so well known throughout the world.  This one near the Golden Triangle happens to announce its location and makes an excellent photo postcard for our guests after their tour.  That’s right, we provide our photographs of their tour to them immediately after the tour so that they can share their memories with family and friends envious of the good time they have had sightseeing through Hollywood and celebrity homes neighborhoods.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 14 August 2013

Beverly Cañon Gardens — Quiet in Beverly Hills


Photo of the Beverly Cañon Gardens

A Garden of Delight for our Beverly Hills Tours

Beverly Hills has a number of wonderful parks and greenswards for sitting and enjoying the yearlong fabulous weather, drinking a latté and watching pedigreed pooches parade by.  The newest park area is right in the middle of the Golden Triangle as the Beverly Hills business district is known.  Located behind the Montage Hotel between Beverly Drive and Cañon Drive there are 33,000 square feet of open space with sculpted gardens, water sculptures and seating areas.  During the day it is the perfect lunch spot for brown baggers and to-go orders from nearby restaurants and bakeries.  In the evening it is a romantic getaway for couples under the gaslamps.  Summertime concerts in the plaza make it a special destination for everyone and not just our private Los Angeles tour guests.  You are likely to see our tour guides relaxing in the shade as they prep for a tour with guests from the Montage.  Look for the large digital SLR cameras slung over their shoulders and a smartphone surfing local fun activities.  But wait, that could be any tourist!

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 31 May 2013

Street + Food + Cinema = Los Angeles

Photo of a Street Food Cinema event in Los AngelesAfter a Los Angeles Tour – Outdoor Movie

Street Food Cinema is an ongoing summer event that is a combination picnic, foodie festival catered by a fleet of selected Los Angeles food trucks, a rock concert and a film screening.  Every Saturday night through September, generally at Exposition Park near the Los Angeles Coliseum, thousands of Los Angeles food, film and music lovers will enjoy a dramatic downtown celebration of good eats, good tunes and a fun movie every weekend. Check the schedule to learn which movie is to be screened and which band the Viper Room will be presenting as well as which food trucks will be serving.  We have seen this lively crowd with our private Los Angeles tour guests when we are exploring downtown near the museums and the University of Southern California.  The revelers enjoy their meals and the rock ‘n roll music while waiting for the movie to start.

Photo of Tom Cruise in Risky BusinessThis week the film will be RISKY BUSINESS starring Tom Cruise and Rebecca De Mornay and the band will be BRYCE SODERBURG & THE 2ND WHEEL.  Picnicking starts at 5:30, the band plays at 6:30, a Risky Business dance contest is to be held at 8:00 and the movie screens at 8:30ish (sunset).

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 25 May 2013

Observe the Observatory from Above

Aerial photograph of Griffith Observatory

Los Angeles Tour Like a Hawk

Golden Time is what the filmmakers call it, that late afternoon golden light accompanied by long shadows and clear skies.  As the hawks and other local raptors glide the updrafts looking for small prey emerging as the day cools, we flew with our private Los Angeles tour guests on a luxury French helicopter over the 4,300 acre urban forest of L.A. — Griffith Park.  The Griffith Observatory is a monument to astronomy as it sits on a bluff overlooking Hollywood and the Los Angeles basin.  It offers great views of the city, the Santa Monica Bay and mountains, Beverly Hills and Century City and on very clear days the Channel Islands and Palos Verdes Peninsula.  Inside there are great views of the night skies through telescopes and in the planetarium.  Though the observatory did not open until 1935, the land and the promise of an astronomical museum was given in 1896 by Colonel Griffith Griffith for whom the park and observatory are named.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 19 March 2013

Public Potty Beverly Hills Style

Photo of public restroom at Will Rogers Memorial Park in Beverly Hills

Restroom of the Rich and Famous in Beverly Hills

Will Rogers Memorial Park, right across Sunset Boulevard from the Beverly Hills Hotel, is a favorite stop for us on a private Beverly Hills tour.  If we have kids aboard they have a chance to run a bit and perhaps splash in the beautiful fountain here at this historic park that could be said to be the origin of Beverly Hills.  This is the where the confluence of three streams allowed a giant cattle ranch to flourish in the days before cityhood.  Humorist and movie star Will Rogers would later come to own much of the property and figure prominently in the city’s successful effort to incorporate.  And why a photograph of the public restroom at the park?  Not wishing to dish dirt we will just say that a notorious arrest occurred here many years ago that music fans still talk about.  Tell you what, you join us for a private custom tour around Hollywood and Los Angeles and we will stop here in Beverly Hills and recount the whole sordid story for you.

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