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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 9 May 2016

Ready for Some Music in Hollywood?

The Hollywood Bowl is ready for an exciting season ahead

Our Private Tour Looks Close at the Hollywood Bowl

We are only a month away from the start of the 2016 Hollywood Bowl Season.  The kickoff event is always the Playboy Jazz Festival hosted once again this year by the hilarious George Lopez.  This two-day event brings to this historic location the best music and the best people to enjoy an ongoing feast of sounds in beautiful Los Angeles weather.  Less than a week later the official opening of the Bowl will be an evening with Steely Dan and the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra.  Enjoying a concert is this grand outdoor facility (a city park in actuality) is fun for the music and for the opportunity to be somewhere where people have been gathering under cloudless skies for almost 100 years.  There is even the Hollywood Bowl Museum that we take our private Los Angeles tour guests to visit.  Everybody who is anyone in the musical world feels wildly fortunate to be invited to entertain at this venue.  But music comes in many forms and in a neighborhood famous for creating film blockbusters you must consider coming here for a movie sing-a-long.  The first is at the end of June – the Sound of Music sing-a-long.  Itself an annual event (one of Hollywood’s favorite things) the audience comes dressed in lederhosen and habits, full Austrian attire, and with picnic baskets filled with foods suitable for an outing in the Tyrolian Alps.  This is just the start of a summer full of classical, ethnic, country, rock ‘n roll and special events.  We love our summers when the Hollywood Hills are alive with the sound of music.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 24 March 2014

Spring Means Plan Your Hollywood Bowl Nights

The Hollywood Bowl during Los Angeles tour

Los Angeles Tour Groups Enjoy the Hollywood Bowl Park

Seating more than 17,000 people, the Hollywood Bowl is the largest natural amphitheater in the country.  Opened in 1922 in the area then known as Daisy Dell, the Hollywood Bowl has been a mainstay of Los Angeles performance and entertainment for almost a century.  Now that spring has arrived it is time to peruse the Bowl’s calendar for the 2014 season and decide which performances to attend.  As always, the season begins in June with the arrival of the Playboy Jazz Festival which has inaugurated the season every year since 1979.  George Lopez will MC the weekend event this year and will host many of your favorite jazz stars from around the world.  The official season kicks off on the 21st of June with the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra‘s opening day performance.  Expect lots of symphonic evenings, international music and the ever popular movie sing-a-longs.  John Williams will host two nights of his music in film.  Big stars under the stars with a touch of fireworks.  Bring your picnic or have your meal catered.  We love bringing our private Los Angeles tour guests by the park during the day when you can explore the grounds without crowds and visit the Hollywood Bowl Museum.

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