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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 3 November 2014

Police Station Art in Los Angeles

Mural art on Los Angeles police station wall

Our Private Tour Stops to Photograph Los Angeles Police Station

It is a very simple matter to give directions to the Northeast Community Police Station in Los Angeles: drive along San Fernando Boulevard until you see the eye-catching mural (and a squad car).  Designed and painted by young people in the community in association with the Adolescent Medicine Division at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles the facility vastly improves the somewhat industrial look of the street in this area and contributes to the reputation of Los Angeles for well placed decorative and important murals throughout the city.  When our private Los Angeles tour guests from all over the world ask that we pull over so they (and we) can photograph a mural that we pass by we realize the importance and value of public art.  We have posted a number of blogs over the years of Los Angeles murals and are delighted to help provide information about them to our readers.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 14 July 2014

To Protect and Surf – LAPD’s Finest

Surfboard equipped LAPD police pickup

No K-9 But a Hang-5 on this Los Angeles Tour

If you believe that we were down by the beach on this private Los Angeles tour you would be correct.  This surfboard equipped Silverado pickup is a Los Angeles Police Department vehicle ready to paddle out and surf to protect our citizens.  Do the officers shout “cowabunga” instead of “freeze”?  As smile-inducing as seeing this vehicle is we know the LAPD is working hard to keep our city safe and running smoothly.  Officers of the LAPD have 72 miles of city coastline to watch over so a surfboard on their vehicle makes perfect sense.  Whether on horseback or boats, helicopters, Segways, motorcycles or cruisers we salute our police men and women no matter how they are getting around the city and are always thankful to see them.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 11 February 2013

To Protect and Serve – The Los Angeles Police Department

Photograph of 2 Women Dressed as Cops

You have to have sense of humor to provide the kinds of private tours in Los Angeles that we do — every day!  As we are all equipped with a high quality digital SLR camera in order to photograph our guests on their custom luxury tour we also capture images that we encounter driving through Los Angeles and Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Malibu.  We never know what we are going to see.  Why just the other day in Hollywood we saw these two lovely police department wannabees out strutting their stuff.  Someone in the area, we believe, is going to feel very protected and served. If you are interested in learning more about our great Los Angeles Police Department then here is the link to the official LAPD website.

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