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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 11 August 2016

Ocean Liner Overnighter in Los Angeles

Our helicopter tour passes of the Queen Mary in Long Beach near Los Angeles

Tour the Queen Mary on Your Los Angeles Tour

The largest U.S. port complex is the Port of Los Angeles/Long Beach.  The largest container ships in the world pass in and out of these adjacent facilities on a daily basis.  It really is something to behold driving into the port area over the beautiful Vincent Thomas suspension bridge.  Another incredible view we share with our private Los Angeles tour guests is what we get to see flying over the port in one of our helicopters on the aerial portion of a combination air + ground tour of Los Angeles.  Above we get to see the permanently moored British Ocean liner, the Queen Mary, and beside it a cruise ship plying the coast from Alaska to Mexico.  What makes the Queen Mary so spectacular is not her size and elegance but the fact that she is today a floating hotel available for Los Angelenos and visitors in our fair city to enjoy.  She offers luxury accommodations, fine dining and entertainment, a truly impressive museum and other fun things to do and see.  And you won’t get seasick.  Corporations plan conferences here and weddings, graduations and other family occasions draw happy passengers up the gangplank to spend time on this still great former ocean going vessel.  If you are planning a visit to Los Angeles consider staying on the Queen Mary to make your visit something extraordinary.  Also plan a helicopter and ground tour of the city to fill a day with sightseeing and adventure and have photographs to really impress your friends when you return home.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 31 December 2014

Travel the World and the Seven Seas on New Year’s Eve

Ready to party in the New Year? Drink at the Queen Mary.

Extend Your Private Tour to

Long Beach and the Queen Mary

There are more parties, balls and galas in Los Angeles on New Year’s Eve than you can even read about on a website or in a newspaper or magazine.  We Angelenos party well and what better occasion to celebrate than the start of a new year!  For weeks now our private Los Angeles tour guides and office staff have been queried by our guests about where to head for a great New Year’s party.  Each Elite Adventure Tours person has a different idea but we all agree that if you have never been on the Queen Mary then that is where to head.  The Queen Mary Auld Lang Shine theme this year is to create on the ship seven of the destinations visited by the ocean liner in 1966: Cannes, Cartegena, Mykonos, Alexandria (Egypt), Tangier, Portofino and New York City.  A tour of the world in one night.  Read more about the party on the Queen Mary website and head over to Long Beach for a night to remember.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 11 August 2013

The Queen of Long Beach

Photo of the Queen Mary from our helicopter

Our Private Tour Highly Recommends a Tour Here

Flying over the Queen Mary docked permanently in Long Beach, California, is a truly impressive sight on a helicopter tour filled with impressive sights.  This elegant and stately floating hotel and convention center, museum and entertainment destination stands out amidst the flotilla of cargo and cruise ships coming and going from the twin ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.  The Queen Mary is a perfect location for weddings and graduation parties and other important events (themselves deserving a special private tour).  We begin many of our private Los Angeles tours here with Queen Mary Hotel guests as often as we meet cruise ships in nearby San Pedro.  We also come to the Queen Mary during our custom luxury tours to visit the grand old ship and enjoy a spot of tea with Princess Diana (Diana: Legacy of a Princess is an ongoing exhibit) after visiting the museum on board.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 28 April 2013

Landing a Prince at the Queen Mary

Artwork for Landing a Prince Presentation at the Queen Mary

Princess Diana Series is Now about Kate Middleton

Our private Los Angeles tour guests always inquire about interesting and different things to do in the evening.  How’s this?  A presentation about using “bad girl” tactics to land a Prince Charming.  Tonight from 7-9p.m. at the Queen Mary in Long Beach you can hear Dr. Carole Lieberman elucidate the techniques for finding and keeping that special mister in your life.  Using Kate Middleton as a principal example you will also learn about Princess Diana and Wallis Simpson.  Spend an elegant evening aboard this grand old ship of the Cunard Line permanently moored near Los Angeles.  Included in the evening will be a cocktail tour of the Diana: Legacy of a Princess exhibit, a tea service and champagne toast, and let’s not forget about the vintage lingerie display.  For anglophiles everywhere this is a perfect way to celebrate the first anniversary of William and Kate’s wedding and it is also a loving tribute in a continuing series of presentations for the ongoing Princess Diana exhibit.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 2:40 14 November 2012

Visit the Queen in Long Beach

Photo of the Queen Mary looking through the marina

The RMS Queen Mary, a former proud member of the Cunard cruise line, made her final journey across the Atlantic in 1967 and is now permanently berthed in Long Beach, California.  Here the graceful ocean liner serves as a hotel and convention center hosting public and private events throughout the year.  There are tours of the ship, a museum currently hosting an exhibit dedicated to Princess Diana, and constantly changing exhibits and events to entertain and enthrall guests.  With fantastic (and different) accommodations, quality restaurants and cafes, you can plan a vacation to stay in the area aboard the great ship.  If you decide on their first cabin accommodations then you should also consider a private luxury tour with us to see not only more of Long Beach but enjoy a ride up to Hollywood and Beverly Hills to sightsee: movie and television studios, celebrity homes, notorious locations you will recognize and get to enjoy in person.  Luxury private touring is a wonderful thing to do when visiting Los Angeles — we have so much to offer!

Single view of the Queen Mary berthed in Long Beach, California

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