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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 21 June 2013

The Heart of Hollywood — Roosevelt Hotel

Aerial photograph of Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood

A Private Tour of Hollywood’s Greatest Hotel

The Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Boulevard across from Grauman’s Chinese Theatre has been a center of Hollywood activity since it was built in 1927.  The grand structure has hosted many of the greatest stars of the entertainment world at one time or another.  The first Academy Awards ceremony was in the downstairs Blossom Ballroom in 1929.  The ghosts of Marilyn Monroe (a longtime resident of the hotel) and Montgomery Clift are said to walk the halls.  So many movies and television shows have been filmed here that a list is too long to enumerate here.  On any day we bring our private Los Angeles tour guests by to enjoy the lobby and decor, peek into the Blossom Room, admire the photographs and art on display, we might run into a film crew scouting or actually filming.  This is just a part of the Hollywood tour experience.  Even after a helicopter tour over and around Los Angeles we drive back to the Roosevelt to see what’s going on inside.  Today, as part of the Thompson Hotel Group, the Hollywood Roosevelt is a modern, comfortable, well-located hotel for visitors to Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

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