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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 25 January 2013

Pow! Sock! Batmobile Goes for $4.2 Million!

Photograph of TV's Batmobile

There were days in the mid-1960s when this beautiful custom car could be seen racing out of a tunnel in Hollywood’s Runyon Canyon where the Batman television series was filming on location.  Holy dustcloud, Batman!  Adam West and Burt Ward spent countless hours seated in this George Barris creation which started with a 1955 Ford concept car, the Lincoln Futura.  Decked out with all the superhero accessories needed to impress the show’s audience this car was sold to an Arizona fan of the series for $4.2 Million.  What would the Penguin or Catwoman say to that?  Our private luxury tour guests sightseeing in Los Angeles who want to walk up by the Batcave entrance will enjoy a wonderful stroll through the Hollywood Hills below the Hollywood Sign.  Of course, the same hillside opening has been seen in innumerable sci-fi films and westerns over the years.  That’s Hollywood for you.

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