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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 23 December 2015

Enjoy a Personal Transporter Tour of the Beach

All lined up and ready to Segway through Venice Beach

Every One of Our Private Tour Guests

Master the Segway

This is definitely one of our “funnest” adventure tours of Los Angeles.  We enjoy a short training course (which is all it takes) in Venice Beach and then cruise along the beach trail with the bicycles and rollerbladers.  We can cover a lot of miles without getting the least bit tired.  Plus we can stop along the way to admire the ocean, be awed by the skateboarders at their special skating park, ogle the body builders working out at Muscle Beach, purchase souvenirs along the boardwalk and maybe get a henna tattoo.  We can also scoot up to the Santa Monica Pier enjoying the views of the fantastic beach hotels and the wide, well groomed beaches and then the historic carousel at the foot of the pier.  Did we mention the snacks?  There is a huge variety of food choices all along the way if standing on a motorized individual transport vehicle makes us peckish.  But wait!  There’s more!  As masters of the Segway now we can drive to Beverly Hills and enjoy another adventure ooohing and aaahing at the fabulous mansions and homes of this incredible neighborhood.  Perhaps when hoverboard technology improves we can equip our luxury SUVs with boards for every guest and be ready to scoot wherever we go.  Isn’t the future great?

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 4 April 2014

Modern Motors on the Beach Path

A fun way to travel the beach – on a Segway

Los Angeles Tour Takes to the Segway on the Beach

We do note on our website that we do all the driving on our Custom Los Angeles tour.  Well, that is not always the case.  When we take a trip along the ocean on a Segway each of our guests must drive their own.  It only takes a short lesson to get everyone up and rolling on these modern moving machines and in no time we are racing the bicycles and rollerblades on the paved pathway from Santa Monica through Venice Beach.  It is fun and exciting and there is a lot to see – the Venice Boardwalk, Muscle Beach, the skate park and handball courts, public art, body art and more photo ops than our guests can handle.  That’s why we have our digital SLRs in hand to capture all the great sights and moments along the way for their tour album.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 9 May 2013

Can You Ride a Segway with One Hand?

Photo of Segway rider texting in Beverly Hills

My Horn App Isn’t Working

As are readers know we like to post photographs taken during our private Los Angeles tour excursions through Hollywood and Beverly Hills because we so often capture unusual images.  This one shows a one-handed Segway rider navigating a Beverly Hills street while attending to his smartphone.  Now, in all fairness, he could be examining his map app and getting directions to the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM.  However, he’s probably looking at box office results or checking his investment portfolio.  If you find yourself on a sidewalk in Beverly Hills please do keep your eyes on the road, er, pavement.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 2:47 25 June 2012

The Venice Canals in Southern California

Aerial photograph of Venice (CA) canals

In 1902 there were 16 miles of canals.  Today there are just six canals.  A small and now upscale corner of Venice, CA still provides watery fronts to its residents and landing pads for sea birds.  The Venice Boardwalk is the biggest attraction for visitors to this historic and fun southern California beach community but we always take our private luxury tour guests interested in the Los Angeles beach scene around the Venice canals and talk about Abbott Kinney and his vision of an American version of Italy’s Venice.  For more adventure take a Segway tour of Venice with us.  Or, as we captured in this photo, fly over the canals on one of our helicopter tours of Los Angeles.


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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 2:47 17 June 2012

Lunch is Ready – Segway on Over

Photo of our picnic lunch setup on a Segway Tour at the beach

Not that riding along the Venice Boardwalk or along the beach in Santa Monica on a Segway is hard work, it’s the wonderful aromas of beach BBQ and the cooking smells arising from all the tiny eateries and restaurants along the way that get our juices flowing.  Fortunately, our private luxury tour guests enjoying a custom Segway tour of the area will get to enjoy a catered gourmet picnic lunch on a Venice lawn.  We exclusively use Kelly Boyer of Paleta to provide our meals so we know we have a tasty and healthy meal for our guests.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:09 9 June 2012

Summer is Here and the Beaches Beckon

Whether or not the start of summer is official, schools are letting out, families are traveling and the siren song of the shore is getting loud and difficult to ignore.  We do not often get to spread a blanket and relax while on a private luxury tour of the beach communities but if our guests suggest it we are ready and willing to enjoy the cool ocean breeze from atop the warm sand.  We sympathize with our inland guests because even we do not get down to the sea enough.  Nothing makes us happier than booking a tour of the California coast.  Marina del Rey, Venice, Santa Monica, Malibu — all great places to stop and enjoy the ocean.  We can also arrange a Segway tour or a yacht cruise.

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