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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 14 April 2015

Flying with the Birds above the Los Angeles Traffic

Our Sikorsky helicopter beats traffic

No Traffic in the Sky for Our Private Tour

Our private Los Angeles tour guests are almost always aware of how congested L.A. traffic can be but until they experience it they have no idea how bad bad can be.  One way to beat the traffic is to join the birds above in one of our luxury tour helicopters.  The largest aircraft we fly for our custom helicopter tour of the city (generally in combination with a ground tour) is a Sikorsky S76.  Leather seats for six, the same number we carry in our luxury SUVs.  At the helipad we simply transfer everyone from the car to the helicopter and off we go.  The aerial portion of our tours lasts an hour or so as we circumnavigate the city.  Our guests enjoy birdseye views of downtown and the historic core of the city as well as the new L.A. Live entertainment and sports district.  Then on to USC and the Los Angeles Coliseum, over the Baldwin hills to the coast at Marina del Rey.  We dip down over the sea and ride the waves, wave to the whales, and fly along the sandy groomed beaches to Malibu before turning inland again to explore the Santa Monica Mountains and the canyon homes above the sea.  Other notable sights along the way include the Getty Museums (yes, both of them), the Sunset Strip, Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood Sign, Griffith Observatory and Dodgers Stadium.  Our guides point out celebrity mansions along the way, too.  Of course, the freeways connecting Los Angeles to the rest of southern California and the city boulevards are all inching along as we cruise comfortably above them.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 9 July 2014

Luxury Los Angeles Tour in Luxury Helicopter

Our guests pose in front of our Sikorsky helicopter

Seeing the Stars from Above – A Los Angeles Helicopter Tour

Our smaller helicopters are wonderfully comfortable and provide superb and smooth flights over and around Los Angeles.  However, when our private Los Angeles tour group requires more seats, or just more comfort, then our Sikorsky S76 luxury corporate helicopter is ready to go. Our pretty Sikorsky helicopter ready for us We think of it as the equivalent of our custom van but with a twin-engine rotor.  It’s also faster and not limited to following the streets although flying along Sunset Boulevard over Hollywood and Beverly Hills is very exciting.  Large windows and leather seats makes this aircraft more fun than a private jet.  We can see the beachgoers pointing enviously at us as we cruise along the shoreline heading up to Malibu.  We think the porpoises and sea lions wish they could fly with us.  Keeping to our custom A plush leather interior makes for a comfy ridetour philosophy we allow our guests to select a departure airport, including a downtown Los Angeles skyscraper helipad, as well as the length of the tour.  We can even fly to a winery, a shooting range, a designer shopping outlet or another city (Santa Barbara and San Diego being the most popular destinations).


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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 9 January 2014

Formation Flying on Los Angeles Tour

Two of our 3-helicopter tour convoy in Los Angeles

A Big Group Gets a Flying Tour of Los Angeles

Even our largest helicopter, a Sikorsky S76, only has seats for six passengers so when a large group of people want to enjoy a aerial tour of Los Angeles by helicopter we either have to take turns or utilize several helicopters.  As you can see, some groups want to fly at the same time and fortunately we have a selection of luxury aircraft to accommodate these custom tours.  This photograph came from a 3-helicopter tour we did as we flew along the coast from Marina del Rey to Malibu before heading inland.  Our helicopter flights are generally combined with a 3-hour ground tour so that our guests can fully experience all the joys of Los Angeles.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 31 August 2013

Sikorsky Reflection on Los Angeles Tour

Photograph of our Sikorsky helicopter reflected in an L.A. building

Perfect Picture Makes Private Tour Self-Portrait

Flying amongst the skyscrapers of downtown Los Angeles is part of all our helicopter sightseeing tours of Los Angeles.  This tour was special because we were not only aboard our Sikorsky S76 luxury corporate jetcopter but we had a route, the timing and the light in our favor to hover in front of a glass building that afforded us the opportunity to capture this grand self-portrait.  Sure, there is a cubist quality to the photograph due to the building’s structure but that adds to the appeal of the shot, don’t you think?  Our guests were delighted with this and other shots of downtown, Hollywood, Beverly Hills and the shoreline up to Malibu, as well as the aircraft and its passengers that were included in their collection of photographs we provided them at the end of the day.  All our guests enjoy complementary photographs of their tours.

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