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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 20 January 2017

Sightseeing is Really Relaxing

This is the sunset view from Malibu Rocky Oaks estate

Stretch Out on this Private Tour with Wine and Sunset

One of our many wine tasting destinations right in Los Angeles is Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate Vineyards (“MRO”).  This beautiful home in the Santa Monica Mountains above Malibu is surrounded by wine grape growing acreage.  A sightseeing adventure in L.A. can mean the usual expedition to Hollywood historic sights and Beverly Hills movie star homes but then, after all that history and glamor (and fun) expect a relaxing rest by the infinity pool overlooking the mountains as the sun sets at MRO.  Do not forget that you will be plied with the estate’s finest wines as you breathe in deeply the mountain and sea air.  Of course you will have an opportunity to wander through this Tuscan-style mansion where countless movies and television shows have been filmed and parties and gatherings for the biggest names in the entertainment industry are regularly hosted.  Feel like the VIP you are so close to a major metropolitan city and yet in a quiet wilderness where you only hear the gurgling of the pumps in the spa of the infinity pool and perhaps and occasional sea gull or raptor calling.  You may not want to leave…ever.  Oh, by the way, if you are in Los Angeles for a special occasion we can plan a very special event at MRO for you.  How about a meal prepared by a private chef?  With a musician or two?  A massage after swimming and a soak in the spa?  Private screening of your favorite film?  The possibilities are endless.  Call us now and begin planning a very special private tour in Los Angeles.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 11 October 2016

10/4 for that Hollywood Tour

Looks like Broderick Crawford is back in Hollywood on 10/4 day

Our Private Tour Is Introduced to 10-4 Day

“10-4,” “Roger that,” “Copy” – all expressions we know from countless years watching police procedurals on television and enjoying cops in the movies.  But where did they originate and why are they still used?  Turns out that the Ten Code (like 10-4) was developed in 1937 as a way to standardize radio communication especially in city police and fire departments Old police vehicles used in movies and television line Hollywood Boulevard on 10-4 Daywhich had a lot of radio traffic.  The public became aware of this abbreviated form of communication, and in particular the acknowledgment code 10-4, because of an Academy Award winning actor, Broderick Crawford, on a very popular television program in the 1950s, Highway Patrol.  Hollywood periodically brings out old police cruisers kept in good shape for use in film productions and lines them up along Hollywood Boulevard on October 4th (10/4) to celebrate Broderick Crawford, police stories and law enforcement.  It is a fine tradition and we are happy that we happened by at a good time with our Los Angeles private tour guests to see the cars and participate in the festivities.  You gotta love Hollywood and the regular celebrations and activities that happen here.  10-4, over and out.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 6 August 2015

Birthday Visit to the Hollywood Sign

Zoey has a birthday banner to display below the Hollywood Sign

Make Your Special Occasion a Tour of Los Angeles

When you come to Los Angeles to celebrate an important life event you should arrange for a private custom tour with us that can make a sightseeing adventure even more memorable.  We can tailor our route through Hollywood and Beverly Hills to particularly please our special guest(s).  Favorite stars, movies, television shows, music, art, times in history….whatever would seem special on the occasion is something we like to do.  How about a picnic?  A special photograph to be taken?  A lengthy discussion with a working actor about getting into the biz?  A ride along the Venice Canals on a Segway?  A surfing lesson?  A sunset horseback ride to a local bar for margaritas?  A tour of the Santa Ynez Valley and its wineries with the author of Sideways?  You must be getting it now that we go to extraordinary lengths to create a luxury tour experience to suit our guests’ desires for whatever occasion they are celebrating while in Los Angeles.  Bar Mitzvah safari, anyone?

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 23 October 2013

Meet Zombies at Universal Horror Nights

Photo of zombies at Universal Studios Horror Nights

Private Los Angeles Tour – oooo Scary!

Ready for what a major movie studio and theme park can do to scare the *&^% out of you on Halloween and for days before and after?  Then you need to dress up and make your way to Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights any evening during October (plus a few days after the 31st).  The studio’s backlot has been set aside for horror filled zombified mazes based on the successful Walking Dead series.  There are also Scare Zones with familiar horror themes (Chucky, The Purge, Walking Dead, Black Sabbath’s new album “13”).  There are some lighter corners of the studio just for fun like Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure.  And, of course, there are the rides (Transformers, Revenge of the Mummy, Jurassic Park, The Simpsons).  We spend a lot of time (during the day) with our private Hollywood tour guests on the Universal VIP Tour but that is before the evil transformation of the studio that night brings.

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