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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 6 December 2016

Pro Basketball in Los Angeles

Want to see an NBA game when in Los Angeles? The Staples Center is where to go.

Now Is A Perfect Time for a Private Tour to the Staples Center

Basketball season is underway and the Staples Center is busy hosting the games of two of its three professional teams calling it home: the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers.  The WNBA Sparks (this year’s championship team) play again next year.  The Staples Center sits at the downtown corner of Olympic and Figueroa Streets in a part of the city that has seen an enormous resurgence in recent years with the addition of LA Live.  Already here was the Los Angeles Convention Center but with new hotels, restaurants and entertainment the southern end of downtown is now a major destination for anyone and everyone.  That includes guests enjoying a private tour of Los Angeles with us.  For basketball fans a stop at the Staples Center allows us to meander the courtyard and pay our respects to some of the great athletes who played for these teams.  Crowds fill the arena on game days enjoying the athletic prowess of today’s stars and hoping to see who the next “greats” will be.  Sports bring us all together even when we root for opposing teams.  Los Angeles, melting pot that it is, has legions of fans for every team that visits the Staples Center. We see enough visiting team jerseys aboard our luxury SUVs to know that sometimes our guests are sightseeing with us just until it is time to head to the Staples Center for that evening’s action.  We will talk about hockey (the Los Angeles Kings play here) in another posting.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 4 January 2016

Fly with the Eagles over the Home of the Kings

Our helicopter tour of Los Angeles includes eagles-eye views of the city itself

Our Private Tour See Los Angeles by Helicopter

Our private Los Angeles tour guests peers down on the Staples Center as we hover and circle above downtown LA (DTLA) giving everyone an eagle-eye view of the exciting and vibrant inner core of our wonderful city.  Our downtown skyscraper helipad is not far from here. Right now, though, we are beginning an hour-long circuit of Los Angeles which means a look at the south part of the city where the Staples Center, L.A. Live and the Los Angeles Convention Center are a locus of activity and services for the area’s 10 million residents.  The great arena is the home of four professional sports franchises (Lakers, Clippers, Kings and Sparks).  From here we head to the beach and mountains to add some natural beauty to the grand human architecture that our guests learn about on all of our tours.  If DTLA is what interests them then we will explore that more closely on the ground portion of their combination helicopter and luxury SUV tour.  We can also explore Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  All our tours are custom tours so you decide where we will take you and what you will get to see.  We have the suggestions but you determine the route and itinerary.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 22 April 2015

It is NBA Playoff Time in Los Angeles

Where some NBA playoff action will be taking place in Los Angeles

L.A. Live is the Place for

Our Private Tour Guests

NBA fans in southern California, or with connections here, or just basketball lovers who also want a vacation in paradise, are here in Los Angeles to enjoy the playoffs and watch the L.A. Clippers at the Staples Center.  We will be embarking on many a private Los Angeles tour from the Ritz-Carlton and J.W. Marriott nearby.  This whole area of downtown Los Angeles is known as L.A. Live and offers, besides professional sports and luxury accommodations, restaurants, movie theaters, the Grammy Museum, the Nokia Theater and the Los Angeles Convention Center.  Lots to do.  Lots to see.  We can create an entire day custom luxury tour of just downtown Los Angeles for urban anthropologists interested in learning the history and future of Los Angeles.  Art and architecture, popular and ethnic culture, our city’s history and development are all centered in this densely populated point in the middle of the 500 square miles designated as the City of Los Angeles.  We can also venture west to visit Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  Our helicopter tour gives our guests a good look at this part of the city.  Who knew there were so many parking spaces in the middle of downtown Los Angeles?  With us parking is not a problem.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 10 April 2014

Home of the Pros in Los Angeles – the Staples Center

Looking at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles

Sports Enthusiasts Stop Here on Their Los Angeles Tour

With the NBA season winding down, basketball fans enjoying a private Los Angeles tour with us love dropping by the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles to see the home of the L.A. Lakers and the L.A. Clippers.  These same guests of ours generally know that the WNBA Sparks and the NHL Kings also call Staples Center home during their seasons.  Four professional sports franchises living happily together under one roof.  Isn’t Los Angeles grand?  And that’s not all.  The Staples Center is also a major concert and entertainment venue.  At almost 1 million square feet, the fifteen year old structure is an anchor for L.A. Live, the neighborhood built up around the facility in the intervening years that includes fabulous hotels (J.W. Marriott and the Ritz-Carlton) and fine restaurants, the Nokia Theatre and Grammy Museum, Los Angeles Convention Center, movie theaters and shopping.  L.A. Live and the Staples Center are very special destinations in our downtown area.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 9 November 2013

Where to Post Up and Check in Los Angeles

Aerial photo of downtown Los Angeles, Staples Center, LA Live

A Downtown Los Angeles Tour Gets to the Staples Center

Fall and winter sports are underway and this clear aerial photograph from one of our private helicopter tours of Los Angeles shows the downtown area named L.A. Live.  Foremost is the Staples Center where the Lakers and the Clippers play basketball and the L.A. Kings play hockey through spring.  That’s a lot of locker room sharing and floor changing for the teams and staff of the arena but each team is doing well and brings fans to downtown Los Angeles most evenings of the week.  The photograph also shows the J.W. Marriott and Ritz-Carlton hotels and the Nokia Theater and Grammy Museum.  Sports and entertainment is what this part of town is all about.  Very nearby is USC for college basketball and football fans.  We should point out that dining is also a popular sporting and entertainment activity and that this neighborhood offers plenty of venues to pursue good eating.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 11 July 2013

Home of Kobe Bryant and Other Greats

Aerial photo of Staples Center and downtown Los Angeles

Summer Private Tour Flight over Downtown Los Angeles

Below us is the Staples Center, home of the Lakers (NBA), Clippers (NBA), Kings (NHL) and Sparks (WNBA).  Oh, the sports stars and great athletes that inhabit the arena on any given night.  One of our adventure tour offerings is a chance to meet a celebrity and the person requested most often is Kobe Bryant (especially during the basketball season).  He’s a very popular dude.  Did you know that today and tomorrow you can view two of his championship rings and two of his high school jerseys at the Newport Sports Museum (Newport Beach) and that you may make a bid to purchase any or all of them through Goldin Auctions?  Perhaps a private luxury tour to Newport Beach is in your immediate future….

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 7 February 2013

Valentine’s Day Lovefest – Clippers @ Lakers

Logo of the Los Angeles Clippers
Heart-shaped basketball
Los Angeles Lakers logo

What are you doing with your lover for Valentine’s Day next week?  How about an evening watching Kobe Bryant dance with Chris Paul, or DeAndre Jordan bump and grind with Dwight Howard.  While there’s no love lost between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers, both playing on their home court at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles, you can take your love to enjoy a special NBA contest.  If you are having a problem figuring out how to impress your partner let us help.  We can take you sightseeing around Los Angeles, Hollywood and Beverly Hills on a private luxury tour in our custom designed van and then drop you off at the arena.  We will even offer to get you two tickets to the game.

Photograph of black helicopter atop our downtown Los Angeles rooftop helipad

Are you into adventure tours?  Well, we have something special for you.  A private helicopter tour of Los Angeles with a landing downtown on a skyscraper near the Staples Center.  All ground transportation happily provided as part of your tour experience.  Game tickets are extra but we will get them for you.  Don’t let this Valentine’s Day get away from you.  Call us to arrange a tour now.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 2:26 21 November 2012

Fly Away From (To) Here – Aerosmith at Staples Center

Aerosmith concert poster - Staples Center in Los Angeles on December 3rd

Coming our way on December 3rd, AEROSMITH, at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles.  Steven Tyler and his gang of well judged musical heroes are bringing their Music from Another Dimension tour to southern California.  A great way to arrive at the concert in style is to enjoy a helicopter sightseeing tour of Los Angeles that lands atop a downtown skyscraper near the Staples Center from where we will drive you the short distance over to the main entrance of the auditorium in our luxury custom van.  It is fun and luxurious and makes a special concert evening even more memorable.

Listen to Aerosmith’s FLY AWAY FROM HERE: Fly Away From Here

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 2:29 5 November 2012

Dribble and Shoot – The NBA Is Back in LA

Photograph of front of Staples CenterShooting season has opened once again, that is shooting hoops.  The Clippers and the Lakers will once again take to the court at the beautiful Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles for six months of fast paced, hyper kinetic sports action.  We regularly journey downtown on a private luxury tour with our sports loving guests who desire a custom tour featuring Los Angeles stadiums and sports arenas.  The Staples Center is home to the Clippers, Lakers, Sparks (WNBA) and NHL Kings (whenever they come back, if they do, this season).  Special commemoration in statue form outside the arena are dedicated to Magic Johnson (shown here), Jerry West and Chick Hearn representing NBA stars (and announcers), plus Wayne Gretzky (NHL) and Oscar de la Hoya (WBA).  Coming soon — Kareem Abdul Jabbar!

Photograph of Staples Center from the airBesides just touring the area we also offer a very special helicopter charter to a Staples Center event.  We land on a nearby skyscraper helipad and then transport you to your event.  We offer more things to do in Los Angeles than just sightseeing!

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