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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 2:47 30 July 2012

BOA – West Hollywood – Steaks, Wine

Photo of a busy BOA Steakhouse We love to point out BOA Steakhouse as we drive by with our luxury tour guests leaving the Sunset Strip in W. Hollywood and entering Beverly Hills to show them where many of the celebrity patrons of this fine restaurant live.  Susan Zechter writes in her book Celebrity Hot Spots that there have been 122 celebrity sightings at BOA plus a number of organized celebrity events.

But how good is the food?  Super — according to our guests who have reported to us during their tours.  And the service and atmosphere?  Super — again according to our guests. This is why BOA is on our list of recommended restaurants that we maintain and update with an ear to what Elite Adventure Tours customers are saying.

And wait, there’s more.  On Sunday nights you can order any bottle of wine for half price.  Steak and wine as you dine.

BOA Steakhouse
9200 Sunset Boulevard
W. Hollywood, CA

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