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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 3 October 2016

Autumn, Time for a Beach Tour

It remains beach weather in Los Angeles and Malibu is calling you

Our Private Tour Guests are Ready for Some Beach Time

Bring your swimsuits and flip flops along on your private tour of Los Angeles and we will get you out to see the beaches of Los Angeles from Redondo to Manhattan to Venice to Malibu and all the great places along the way.  The weather is perfect this time of year and the beach crowds are gone back to their schools and offices.  We can even arrange for some surfing lessons for you if you wish to enjoy a real adventure tour.  We like the Malibu Surf Shack located right on Pacific Coast Highway to outfit our guests and get them across the road, into the water and onto a board.  Most of our staff still hear the Beach Boys and Honk in their heads when they talk about surfing and style.  We know that our guests today are more likely to be humming and air-strumming Weezer or the Nebulas.  That’s fine with us.  Big boards are back!  Kowabunga!

The Malibu Surf Shack for equipment and lessons

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 13 October 2015

Surfing Holiday in October in Los Angeles

Venice surfer heading to waves in OctoberOur Custom Tour Guests Feel the

Lure of Venice Beach

Southern California is all about beach culture.  Los Angeles borders the beautiful Santa Monica Bay which is home to all sorts of oceanic wildlife and legions of surfers.  October weather remains sunny and mild but the ocean swells with storms brewing far to the south.  We might see rain but more likely our surf websites will be reporting fine waves at the all the local point breaks and big boards and wetsuits will be seen as much as spouting whales by our private Los Angeles tour guests exploring the sights of Venice Beach and the boardwalk.  The advantage for our guests, and the surfers and skateboarders, is that there are no crowds to navigate on the way to the beach.  If our guests decide to take to the waves themselves there are huge supplies of surfboards and wetsuits available for rent.  Boogie boards and skateboards, too.  Those of us not so adventurous can settle onto a bicycle (trike or quadcycle) and travel the extensive paved bikeway for adventure and exercise all along the beach for miles and miles and miles and miles.  An even more exciting adventure….Segways.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 17 July 2014

Malibu Beaches Cool Our Cool Guests

You don't even need the sign to know you are in Malibu

Our Private Tour is Mad for Malibu

The summer heat of southern California often motivates our private Los Angeles tour guests to want to explore the coastline.  We visit Marina del Rey, Venice, Santa Monica and Malibu generally.  Each community is distinct and fun to explore.  Malibu is breathtakingly beautiful.  The coast and beaches on one side of us and the Santa Monica Mountains on the other.  The thin city is 27 miles long but only several miles wide on average.  The main thoroughfare is the notorious PCH, Pacific Coast Highway, or California Route 1 to map readers.  Mansions and beach estates all along the way allow us to do a celebrity homes tour for the coast and recount early Hollywood history as we point out and discuss the Malibu Colony near the lagoon.  The beaches and the surf breaks are famous from film and song and sightseeing along our exquisite coast makes convincing arguments as to why.

A beach in Malibu on a warm summer day

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 14 July 2014

To Protect and Surf – LAPD’s Finest

Surfboard equipped LAPD police pickup

No K-9 But a Hang-5 on this Los Angeles Tour

If you believe that we were down by the beach on this private Los Angeles tour you would be correct.  This surfboard equipped Silverado pickup is a Los Angeles Police Department vehicle ready to paddle out and surf to protect our citizens.  Do the officers shout “cowabunga” instead of “freeze”?  As smile-inducing as seeing this vehicle is we know the LAPD is working hard to keep our city safe and running smoothly.  Officers of the LAPD have 72 miles of city coastline to watch over so a surfboard on their vehicle makes perfect sense.  Whether on horseback or boats, helicopters, Segways, motorcycles or cruisers we salute our police men and women no matter how they are getting around the city and are always thankful to see them.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 29 April 2014

Caution – Surfers Crossing

Surfboards crossing sign on a Los Angeles beach

Los Angeles Tour at the Beach Pauses for Surfers

Summer is coming and visiting surfers are on the way to Los Angeles.  Wanting to protect this important variety of sportsperson our private Los Angeles tour guests are amused to see caution signs along the sidewalks and bikeways in several of our beach communities warning cyclists and skaters that long boards might be ahead.  It is the perfect weather, the miles of beaches and the laid back atmosphere that necessitates thoughts of saving the surfers and the requisite signage.  We blog about other crazy signs we encounter along our custom tour routes because our guests note them and we photograph them for their tour photo albums.  Join us this summer for a tour of the beaches, maybe a bike ride along the shore or a session of inline skating.  Even better, become a surfer yourself after a Santa Monica beach surfing lesson.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:07 5 September 2012

Let’s Go Surfin’ Now

Photo of lone surfer heading into the water

Southern California surfing culture is all around Los Angeles and has been here since the sport first arrived on the mainland.  Just listen to any Beach Boys song to hear about our local beaches and surfing point breaks.  We were walking with a family on a luxury private tour of our local beaches and beach cities (Marina del Rey, Venice, Santa Monica and Malibu) and the kids were enthralled by the surfers.  Now that school is back in session the beaches are quiet and you can capture photos like this.

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