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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 29 March 2013

Broadway in Los Angeles

Archive photo of 1940s downtown Los Angeles

The Neon Lights on Broadway (Los Angeles) Coming Back

Our private Los Angeles tour when traveling through downtown, particularly the Broadway Theater District, has significant history and sights to point out.  Today, many of the sights are a little sad to our guests’ eyes as we describe a time when the highest concentration of movie palaces in the world was on a six block stretch of Broadway.  Now most of the exquisite theaters are in use as retails spaces and churches if they aren’t simply boarded up.  Once there were 12 huge, opulent theaters with names like Orpheum, Rialto, Palace and Globe.  The Million Dollar Theater was built by Sid Grauman years before he ventured into Hollywood to construct his Chinese and Egyptian theaters.  Together these grand movie theaters seated more than 15,000 people.

Thankfully there is a movement afoot today to restore and resurrect these exhibition spaces as downtown Los Angeles enjoys a renaissance with developers adapting and reusing historic buildings for contemporary purposes and building new modern structures to attract businesses, residents and visitors to downtown Los Angeles.  As the population demographics change so is the interest in resurrecting the old movie palaces.  If you have a chance be sure to walk down Broadway and try to envision the city in its Golden Days which we all hope are coming again.

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