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LA Adventure Specialist - 3:27 12 January 2011

Tour with a Knowledgeable Guide

Several years ago, my family took an American history vacation in Pennsylvania. We visited Lancaster and learned about the Amish way of life (and ate some delicious shoe-fly pie!). We, of course, visited Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, and ran up the “Rocky” steps at the Museum of Art in Philadelphia. The most memorable part of the tour was visiting Gettysburg. We opted to take a private van tour of the vast battlefield and its gravesites and memorials.

The private tour with an informative guide made for an incredible experience. With the vastness of the battle field and the sheer number of memorials, there is no way we would have covered as much terrain or learned so much without a guide. When we went out to California this summer, we decided to take one of the private LA tours. Just as it had been in Pennsylvania, we found that having a knowledgeable guide to whisk us around the city made our vacation experience memorable for all the right reasons.

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