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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 1 May 2015

Jacarandas Signal Spring in Los Angeles

Jacarandas purple blooms decorate a Beverly Hills street

Purple Blooms Greet Our Private Tour

There are entire streets throughout Los Angeles lined with imported Jacarandas that turn completely purple for a couple of weeks every year in the spring.  The blooms fall quickly to the ground creating a squishy purple carpet beneath the colorful bower overhead.  Purple lovers find themselves holding their breath as we find these streets in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Santa Monica and Pasadena along our usual private Los Angeles tour routes.  To residents, however, the sticky flowers are a menace that can damage automobile wax and paint and require additional washings at a time when water conservation is on everyone’s mind.  That is the dark side of the beauty of these plants and the purple patchwork they make of the city’s tree cover.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 20 October 2013

Fairmont-Miramar Hotel Has a Giant Fig Tree

Under the Fig Tree is Where the Private Los Angeles Tour Begins

Photograph of the fig tree at the Fairmont-Miramar
Planted more than 100 years ago this Moreton Bay Fig tree is definitely one of the largest of its kind in the U.S., certainly in California (visit the Registry of California Big Trees).  The tree originates in Australia and this particular tree came to be here as payment for a bar bill by an Australian sailor.  The barkeep accepted the sapling in lieu of cash and gave it to Senator Percival Jones’ wife who lived in a beautiful estate nearby.  The estate became the luxury Fairmont-Miramar Hotel and the tree became a California landmark.  We visit this courtyard regularly to pick up many of our private tour guests staying in Santa Monica at this fine hotel.  The location is convenient for us to begin our sightseeing along the coast before heading inland on Sunset Boulevard to visit celebrity homes and other notable sights in Beverly Hills and Hollywood.

Photo taken beneath the Fairmont-Miramar fig tree

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