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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 23 October 2015

It Can Take Days to Tour All of Los Angeles

A private Los Angeles tour visit to the Magic Kingdom (Disneyland)

Spread Out the Joy of a Private Tour of Los Angeles

over Several Days

There is no reason not to see as much of Los Angeles on a visit here as you can.  Rather than squeezing as much as possible into as short a time as possible we suggest planning several days for an extended private Los Angeles tour with us.  No matter how large your family or travel group we can customize a tour to get you to all the best sights to see and destinations to enjoy.  Our large happy group from Australia spent a day sightseeing in Hollywood and Beverly Hills and along the coast, learning about the city’s history and how we became a center of culture and industry through the past two centuries.  Another day we spent learning about all things Walt Disney during a visit to his Magic Kingdom of Disneyland in Anaheim.  Our guides are well versed in the history and details of the park and know all the ins-and-outs.  Plus, we get amazing photographs because we practice all the time.  A third day of touring was spent at Universal Studios Hollywood where we embarked on their very special VIP Experience, a somewhat private exploration of the park and studio with lots of perks that the tram riders do not get to enjoy (breakfast, lunch, front-of-line access, Q&As with the performers after the shows plus a guide with a show schedule whose sole purpose is to see that every show is seen and enjoyed at just the right time….in other words – no waiting.  You just can’t beat the Universal VIP Experience for its informative nature and private enjoyment of the studio.

Our large private tour group enjoys a day at Universal Studios Hollywood

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 20 October 2015

Back to the Future in Los Angeles

Waving Back to the Future at Universal Studios for our private Los Angeles tour

Back to the Future Day is Tomorrow for

Every Private Tour We Do

After 30 years the Back to the Future trilogy still attracts loving fans to the time travel adventures of Marty McFly and Doc Brown.  For many years there was the Back to the Future ride at Universal Studios Hollywood to remind and enthrall visitors, including our own private Los Angeles tour guests, of the fun and energy of the movies.  The ride is now gone, replaced by the Simpsons Ride, but there are still memories all around the studio and City Walk that our guides like to talk about….memories like City Hall (above) where our fun friends from down under posed while searching for the lightning rod in the clock tower and checking the weather (we very seldom get lightning in Los Angeles).  Tomorrow is Back to the Future Day where movie theaters and other venues will be presenting the entire trilogy for fans.  In Hollywood we will point out two incredible movie palaces, the Cinerama Dome and Grauman’s Chinese Theater, where our guests can go see all three films at one time.  For real die hard fans we will explain that a nearby community, Puente Hills, has the mall where the parking lot proved a perfect time portal runway for Doc’s DeLorean time machine.  The mall’s 20-screen AMC theater will show the movies and there are other activities planned throughout the week for nostalgia seekers to relive the joy of Back to the Future.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 24 March 2015

Flying Over CityWalk

Our helicopter tour of Los Angeles flies over the Hard Rock Café

Hard Rock Café Seen below Our

Los Angeles Tour Flight

Unlike taking off in a airliner from LAX at hundreds of miles per hour on a steep climb out of the city or even on a flight path into the airport at a more reasonable speed, when we are flying above the city in a luxury helicopter talking directly to the pilot we can request a closer look (within FAA limits) at places on the ground that capture our interest.  For instance, flying over Universal CityWalk and the studios, which from above look like a very fun toybox, we can get some extraordinary photographs of the very recognizable structures below us like the Hard Rock Café with its white dome and giant red Stratocaster guitar.  CityWalk features entertainment, dining and shopping facilities but all around it movies and televisions shows are being produced and planned.  It is an entertainment mecca within an entertainment mecca (Hollywood).  The VIP Tour of the studios is definitely a “must do” when in Los Angeles and remember to include time to amble long the CityWalk promenade.  Even better, remember to arrange for a private Los Angeles tour to put all of Hollywood and areas like Beverly Hills in proper perspective when you visit our wonderful city.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 7 June 2013

Above Waterworld in Hollywood

Aerial photo of Waterworld set at Universal Hollywood

See Universal from Above on a Private Helicopter Tour

Flying early in the morning before the first crowds are seated for the Waterworld show (which is really terrific!) we can see the top and back of the set.  Since 1995 this highly acclaimed theme park attraction (as opposed to the not so well received feature film upon which it is based) has thrilled and delighted millions of park guests at Universal Studios Hollywood as well as in Japan and Singapore.  Full of stunts, action, pyrotechnics and with lots and lots of water, the show is a perfect remedy for a hot boring day.  We urge our private Los Angeles tour guests to take advantage of the Universal VIP Tour so that they can enjoy preferred seating and a chance to meet and talk to the cast after the show.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 2:41 2 November 2012

Come Fly with Me – iFly at Universal

Photo of our tour guide, Jeff, in the iFly vertical wind tunnel

One of the best things to do when visiting Los Angeles is our special Adventure private luxury tour to iFly at Universal City Walk.  Having already shown our guests the major sightseeing locales around Hollywood and Beverly Hills we then head over to Universal City and this very fun attraction on the promenade outside the studio theme park.  It is a vertical wind tunnel that simulates free fall — skydiving without the parachute.  As you can see from the giddy photograph of our model (and tour guide) Jeff, appropriate clothing and safety equipment are provided as well as adequate training.  After that it’s all just a good time floating up and down in a tall, clear vertical shaft.  One tip that Jeff provides his guests when visiting iFly, “In a vertical wind tunnel, you drool up!”

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