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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 20 April 2016

What’s Up Down in the Valley

Up on Mulholland Drive a view with our private Los Angeles tour family and the valley below.

Who Loves Harry Potter? Our Private Tour Family Sure Does

They were here for the opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios.  The day before their visit to the movie-based theme park they joined us for a wonderful private tour of Los Angeles.  They saw a number of famous movie studios that do not have rides but do have a lot of history and are exciting to see and talk about.  We explored throughout Hollywood and then ventured with the family into the hills of Beverly Hills and Bel Air and pointed out the homes of the celebrities they knew.  The family learned much about the history of Hollywood and the movies as well as saw how contemporary stars landscape their mansions.  The high point of their sightseeing adventure was driving high up along Mulholland Drive.  From various scenic vista points we looked over Hollywood all the way to the ocean.  From other stops we could enjoy the panorama of the San Fernando Valley.  In this photograph for the family’s tour album you can see the Disney and Warner Bros. studios.  Most important is seeing Universal Pictures and the Hogwarts Castle rising up in the background.  We are certain the family loved the rides, the shops and the other Harry Potter inspired activities.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 24 April 2013

Three Major Studios of the Valley

Photograph of 3 Major Hollywood Studios

A Private Los Angeles Tour Vista Point Photo

So many nice days in southern California just demand that we cruise along Mulholland Drive atop Hollywood and Beverly Hills to take photographs for and of our private Los Angeles tour guests enjoying all the sightseeing offered by our grand city.  This particular photograph captures not only the San Fernando Valley but Universal, Warner Brothers and in the distance Disney Studios all in one image (look for the water towers).  Billions and billions of dollars in filmmaking revenue comes from this area alone.  For almost 100 years Hollywood studios have been a major industry in Los Angeles and continue to produce when nearby aircraft and automobile factories are now gone.  We expect the studios will continue to produce our filmed entertainment for centuries to come.

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