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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 7 December 2013

Late Night Vegetarian Eats in Los Angeles

Los Angeles offers late night vegetarian dining

Avoid Vampires, Eat at Raw After a Late Private Tour

Los Angeles is a pretty easy town to find late night dining, especially if IHOP and Denny’s revs your engines.  However, we also have Norm’s, Pink’s, The Pantry and a number of pizza pits to fulfill the need for hot food after midnight.  But what if you are a vegetarian and want something healthy and delectable and appealing when you leave the midnight screening of Rocky Horror Picture Show?  If you are anywhere around W. Hollywood then get yourself to Planet Raw and embrace the raw food movement in the wee hours of the morning.  Chef Juliano, who grew up in restaurants around the U.S., became a vegan before he turned 20 and later developed a philosophy and food preparation style embracing raw foods.  With a complete understanding of nutrition and digestion the restaurant emphasizes proper food combining as well as selection.  While we are mentioning it as a late night choice, Planet Raw is open all day, too.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 26 August 2013

Crossroads – Vegan Cuisine for Everyone in Los Angeles

Crossroads for Our Vegetarian Private Tour Guests

Photo of the artichoke oysters at Crossroads in Los AngelesNo meat, no dairy, just plant-based cuisine and highly specialized cocktails in an elegant setting makes Crossroads a dining destination that we gladly recommend to any of our private Los Angeles tour guests, not just vegans and vegetarians.  As you can see from the artichoke oysters pictured on the left, Tal Ronnen designs and devises dishes to delight his dietary mindful guests and presents a serving that is both delicious and fun.

Photo of cocktail concoctions at CrossroadsCrossroads is about more than food.  Their bar offerings are worth dropping in for any time.  Offering a wide range of quality spirits the bartenders are quick to suggest a number of sweet and tasty cocktails just perfect after a day of hard work or a hearty custom luxury tour and sightseeing around Hollywood and Beverly Hills, each community on opposite sides of this highly recommended restaurant on Melrose Avenue.  Drop in soon and see for yourself that a meatless meal is perfectly satisfying when perfectly prepared and served in a pleasing setting along with a fine cocktail or wine.

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