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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 2 December 2016

Getting Muscled Up at Muscle Beach

Here is a healthy denizen of Muscle Beach

The Art of Bodybuilding on Display for Our Private Los Angeles Tour

The life of Venice, one of the beach communities of Los Angeles, ranges from high to low, from esoteric to mindless, from artistic to athletic.  Walking along the boardwalk allows us to talk about the history of this community that evolved from the ideas of one man, Abbott Kinney, to turn Venice, California into a west coast version of Venice, Italy.  The grand canals, gondolas, magnificent palaces of hospitality were all conceived and constructed during the city’s heyday.  The wooden piers were home to dance halls and carnivals.  Hollywood filmed here and vacationers reveled here.  Venice has changed from those halcyon days of full body bathing costumes and paddle balls, bicycles with two different sized wheels and dance marathons.  Today we see modern stores and boutiques as well as booths hawking sunglasses, t-shirts and souvenirs.  Fine art abounds from henna (on skin) to acrylic beach landscapes and then to kiln-fired clay kitsch.  And, of course, lots of food and drink.  And then at one end of the boardwalk there is athleticism on display.  The basketball, handball and paddle tennis courts built along the bikeway lead us to Muscle Beach.  Here our Los Angeles private tour guests watch in awe as the bodybuilders work the exercise machines in full display of everyone passing by.  The stage is lined with awards recognizing the princes and princesses of this age old expression of physical perfection.  Most of our guests recognize the names of Jack LaLanne and Arnold Schwarzenegger but there are more names to know.  The grunting and sweat results in a full-blown Adonis.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 21 November 2016

Seen L.A. Beach Scene?

The beach in Venice, CA welcomes you

Perfect Weather and Empty Beaches in Los Angeles for Our Private Tour

Thanksgiving is coming up and that will begin a busy period for the hospitality industry here in Los Angeles until after New Years.  Right now it is quiet here in town.  As you can see from a recent photograph taken on a tour of the shore the beaches are empty, even famous Venice Beach.  Yet the weather is perfect.  Perfect for long strolls along the water’s edge, perfect for sitting out in the sun with a good mystery novel, perfect for volleyball and frisbee or skating along the sinuous bike path winding through the palm trees lining the boardwalk.  There are no crowds, no waiting in lines and, for sighteeing we have a private VIP tour available for you and your family on any day and at any time you want to go.  If you have plans to visit Los Angeles during the holidays it is best to contact us early and reserve a day and time for your luxury tour of Hollywood and Beverly Hills or, as we are suggesting here, a long visit to the beautiful beaches of our fair city.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 12 October 2016

No Sweat on This Cycle

The Barcycle tour of Venice Beach is fun after our private tour of Los Angeles

One Awesome Way to Tour Venice Beach

One should not be drinking and driving is the rule but there are exceptions.  One exception, for instance, is you’re not exactly driving but rather pedaling.  On the Barcycle.  There are several advantages to a fun tour of Venice Beach bars on the Barcycle.  You can enjoy a beer as you soak up the fantastic sea air and enjoy the local sights; pedaling means the calories in the beer are being worked off as fast as they are consumed; and, you get to meet some nice people without having to yell over loud music from a jukebox.  Now we can do much the same thing on our private tour of Los Angeles but without all the physical effort.  We can provide transportation and a vehicle in which to enjoy a fine class of wine or a heady pilsner (on a BYOB basis) as we drive from one fancy nightclub to another on an evening tour of the hotspots of the city.  Yes, we know exactly where you will want to go for cocktails (or craft beer) and dancing from downtown Los Angeles to Hollywood, Beverly Hills and assorted beach communities.  We even make it a point to know where the latest celebrity nightspot is (we just look for the paparazzi).  The Barcycle is a lot of fun and you don’t have to dress up.  Our suggestion is to spend a couple of hours on the Barcycle and follow that with a nighttime private tour with us.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 19 July 2016

Venice Boardwalk Tour

Early is a good time to arrive at the Venice Boardwalk

Eat, Drink and Be Merry as We Tour the Venice Boardwalk

The thing about Venice, California is that there is so much to see and enjoy.  Much more than just walking the fine wide beach.  In fact, there are generally more people on the boardwalk at any time then enjoying the sun and surf and ogling the lifeguards.  The Venice Boardwalk is a long string of shops specializing in t-shirts and beachwear, smoking accessories and electronics, and tattoo and piercing services as well as cafes and food and drink stands.  That’s just one side where there are permanent structures with intriguing architecture and murals.  On the beach side of the wide sidewalk artists, And the crowds are here and the Venice Boardwalk energy is highperformers, activists and others (?) set up stands to amuse, inform and transact with the millions of visitors attracted to Venice throughout the year.  Henna tattoos, new t-shirts and sunglasses are purchases that delight our Los Angeles private tour guests.  Fresh fruit ice drinks are always good.  The beauty of there being so much to look at on either side of the boardwalk is that we can start at one end and walk along one side returning on the other.  Also, one end of the boardwalk is Muscle Beach with its own special history and things to see.  If we arrive early enough we can have the place to ourselves.  Later in the morning and until sunset during the summer months and holiday periods the place is wall-to-wall people all having a great time.



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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 13 June 2016

A Visit to Venice and the Canals

Venice Canals frame our young Los Angeles tour guests

Venice is More than a Beach for Our Private Tour Family

After sightseeing around the highlights of Hollywood and Beverly Hills and with the temperature rising our private Los Angeles tour guests were eager to see the wide beaches, especially Venice Beach. The city is famous for its boardwalk (no longer wooden) and all the fun little stores, snackshops and restaurants as well as its distinctive architecture.  We could do an entire custom tour and not leave Venice.  Murals and public art, history from the earliest days of Los Angeles, the story of Abbott Kinney and the famous Venice piers and, of course, the canals.  Los Angeles beaches are the best!Seeing the remaining waterways continues to excite and amaze our guests especially when we describe the full extent of the canals as they were originally constructed.  Gondoliers once plied the central lagoon and there were cafés all around.  All that was missing to complete the vision of Mr. Kinney was the Doge’s Palace.  But this is Southern California and not Italy.  Our lifestyle is skateboarding and surfing, sunbathing and sightseeing on the cool Los Angeles coastline.



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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 24 February 2016

Venice Beach Skateboarding on L.A. Tour

Bring your skateboard on our private tour of Venice Beach

Spring Break for Skateboarders on Private Tour of the Beach

Los Angeles is a capitol of outdoor recreation.  We have it all.  You name it and we can arrange it for a part of your private Los Angeles tour.  Skiing, surfing, horse riding, motorcycle riding, hiking, sailing, scuba, snorkeling, parachuting, bicycling and skating….inline and skateboarding.  A much loved destination for us during the summer months and also during Spring Break (which is coming right up) is the Venice Skate Park on Venice Beach.  Our custom tour guests are welcome to bring along their own skates and try out this well designed and highly favored bowl and street facility.  A description from the Los Angeles Park Service reads, in part:

“The park is complete with plenty of smooth banks to gain a ton of speed in the flow bowl. There is also a large pool that we would not recommend for beginners but is a popular spot for the qualified vert riders. The street skaters love Venice too, there is a large street section with stair sets, ledges, rails, and boxes. Size: 16,000 sq.ft.”

We are not skaters ourselves so are not exactly sure what this means.  However, our skating enthusiasts sightseeing with us do get the idea and take to the facility like seals to the bay (very nearby).

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 23 December 2015

Enjoy a Personal Transporter Tour of the Beach

All lined up and ready to Segway through Venice Beach

Every One of Our Private Tour Guests

Master the Segway

This is definitely one of our “funnest” adventure tours of Los Angeles.  We enjoy a short training course (which is all it takes) in Venice Beach and then cruise along the beach trail with the bicycles and rollerbladers.  We can cover a lot of miles without getting the least bit tired.  Plus we can stop along the way to admire the ocean, be awed by the skateboarders at their special skating park, ogle the body builders working out at Muscle Beach, purchase souvenirs along the boardwalk and maybe get a henna tattoo.  We can also scoot up to the Santa Monica Pier enjoying the views of the fantastic beach hotels and the wide, well groomed beaches and then the historic carousel at the foot of the pier.  Did we mention the snacks?  There is a huge variety of food choices all along the way if standing on a motorized individual transport vehicle makes us peckish.  But wait!  There’s more!  As masters of the Segway now we can drive to Beverly Hills and enjoy another adventure ooohing and aaahing at the fabulous mansions and homes of this incredible neighborhood.  Perhaps when hoverboard technology improves we can equip our luxury SUVs with boards for every guest and be ready to scoot wherever we go.  Isn’t the future great?

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 19 June 2015

Venice Serenity on a Los Angeles Tour

A Venice Canal and a black swan boat (Los Angeles)

Our Private Tour Encounters Peace and

Quiet on a Venice Canal

The history of Venice Beach is perhaps extravagant and venal but what stands today is a tiny community of creative individuals who enjoy a lifestyle that can be found no where else in the U.S.  The beach resort town started in 1905 by millionaire developer Abbot Kinney was supposed to be the “Venice of the West” with homes and businesses constructed around several miles of man-made canals and a huge entertainment pier reaching out into Santa Monica Bay.  At that time the little town was isolated from the fast growing metropolis of Los Angeles but the Red Car trolleys gave the city easy access to the shore for cool weather and excitement on the pier.  Eventually Venice was incorporated into Los Angeles and over time the sprawling city overran little Venice.  Much of the canal system disappeared, the pier was reduced and then ultimately removed, and the resort town envisaged by Mr. Kinney became a bohemian enclave with a fun beach boardwalk.  Most of our private Los Angeles tour guests visit the boardwalk but we always suggest a walk through the remaining canals.  Those who do are considerably charmed by the placid atmosphere so close to a bustling city.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 9 April 2015

History is Myth in Venice

A look at a popular Venice, CA mural

A Crowd Enjoys the Venice Mural

with Our Private Tour

Outdoor murals are plentiful throughout Los Angeles and we take great pride in this public art form and southern California’s contribution.  Venice in particular is known for its wall-sized paintings and our private Los Angeles tour guests are treated to a number of examples when we are exploring Venice Beach with them.  One of the more notable artists whose work is displayed along the Venice Boardwalk is Rip Cronk and one of his most observed and talked about efforts is Venice Reconstituted painted in 1989.  Using familiar images from classic painting as well as icons representing the Venice of that time the Venice plaza building wall around the corner from Danny’s delicatessen always has a crowd stopping to admire and photograph the artwork.  We, too, stop for pictures.  The Venice Boardwalk is loads of fun and good exercise along with some very unusual shopping and entertainment all through the year.  Join us on a custom luxury tour and we will point out all the artwork along the walk up and down the beach.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 12 September 2014

A Grand Visit to the Grand Canal in Venice Beach

The Grand Canal in Venice Beach

Our Private Tour Guests Happy with the

Ducks Instead of Gondoliers

Venice Beach has a remarkable history and remains today one of the most interesting and enjoyable beach communities to visit along the roughly 1,000 miles of California coast (depending on how you measure, from 840 – 3,400 miles so let’s just agree on 1,000 miles for now).  Of course the Venice Boardwalk is fun with its boutiques, retail stalls, entertainers, wacky residents, excellent food vendors, Muscle Beach bodybuilders, paddle tennis players, skateboarders, artists, tattooers and tattooed and so much more.  The little town is so cute.  And then there are the canals.  Just a quarter of the canal system remains from the days of Abbott Kinney who envisioned this community at the turn of the last century as the ultimate Los Angeles playground.  He was right.  He’s still right.  Our pretty private Los Angeles tour guests are enjoying their walk along the Grand Canal.  Some day they will be here again under more romantic circumstances and without dad photobombing their picture.

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