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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 22 August 2013

Getting Gas in Beverly Hills?

Photo of Beverly Hills gas station bathroom

Private Tours Stop at the Best Restrooms

One of the principal advantages of a private Los Angeles tour is that we can stop to use a restroom any time, anywhere.  Our guides know all the best bathrooms in town and can incorporate features of the location in their tour discussion.  For example, in the men’s room at a gas station we know in Beverly Hills (above) you can admire Frank Sinatra and Grace Kelly while you refresh.  Whether we are in Hollywood, Bel Air, Santa Monica or Malibu, the hotels we visit, restaurants and bars we are connected to, they all have pleasant and interesting restroom facilities.  Some are even associated with celebrities and film history (and scandal!). We also know the best park and beach facilities if those become necessary stops.  Even better — we have hot and cold aromatherapy towels on our vehicles to continue your refreshment after a pit stop.  While we have never been requested to create a BATHROOMS OF LOS ANGELES tour I’m sure we could.  Just ask…

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