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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 18 March 2016

Paying Respects to Past Stars in Los Angeles

Paying our respects at the tomb of Marilyn Monroe

A Private Cemetery Tour in Los Angeles

We believe that the name of Marilyn Monroe will never fade from the minds of movie lovers.  Despite not having a large filmography the beautiful blond star left a lasting impression on Hollywood history and in the minds of fans born long since her passing.  Our custom luxury tour around Los Angeles can include stops at any number of important cemeteries to find the final resting places of filmdom celebrities from the very beginning of the industry until recently.  One of our favorite Everyone knows Ray Conniff's version of Somewhere My Lovestops is Westwood Village Memorial Cemetery.  This tiny graveyard sits behind a movie theater (how appropriate) and a tall office building hidden from the passing street and business traffic.  Despite its small size there are big names here to fans of movies and early television.  The visits to cemeteries are not the least bit sad on our tours because the names we see bring up happy memories of wonderful films, television shows and music.  This cemetery is popular with our guests because so many of the epitaphs are as memorable as the people brought to mind.  Forest Lawn, Hollywood Forever and Hillside Memorial are usual stops for us as we take our guests to their pay respects to their favorite movie stars and celebrities.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 5 February 2015

A Most Grave Request – Marilyn Monroe

Visiting Marilyn Monroe at her crypt

Our Private Tour Group Honors Marilyn Monroe

We often find ourselves taking our private Los Angeles tour guests to the Westwood Village Memorial Cemetery because they are interested in visiting the grave of Marilyn Monroe.  So many well known Hollywood names are found here that it is difficult to count and harder still to take a large tour group to the graves of all the stars they want to remember even in this tiny memorial park.  Marilyn Monroe is a frequent request and her crypt is easiest to find.  A slightly different color marble graces her space and the flower holder is ALWAYS filled.  Our guests love the story of Dick Poncher, the “lucky stiff” interred above Marilyn, whose last request was to be buried facing downwards.  By the way, Dick’s space is for sale by his widow.  Let us know if you are interested.  If you would rather invest in a Beverly Hills home we can arrange for that, too.

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