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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 12 January 2017

Wine Tasting at Cornell in Los Angeles

This pretty pose is outside the Cornell Winery near Los Angeles

An Exciting Wine Tour in Los Angeles

We have more wineries in and close to Los Angeles than movie studios.  Yes, that’s hard to believe and a terrific discovery for wine lovers.  In fact, we can maintain our “custom” tour philosophy – every tour is different and tailored specifically for our guests with changes to our route and itinerary made along the way – and pick This wine (eye) chart is a novelty to amuse the guests at Cornell Winery and choose from among a large number of fabulous wine tasting destinations.  One special place we like to go is up into the Santa Monica Mountains and to the Cornell Winery and Tasting Room.  With “winery” in quotes, the establishment is now dedicated to the presentation of locally produced wines of which there are many.  It is a super wine tasting room with a lot of local history in an informal setting.  It is low key like the businesses all around are and a fine place for a relaxed drink for Malibu celebrities looking for a quiet escape from the entertainment industry and paparazzi.  If our guests are inspired by a particular winery’s product we can head over to that winery afterwards.  Wine connoisseurs will not be disappointed.  The beauty of this wine adventure staying local is that we can visit more locations in a shorter amount of time.  If time is what our guests have and they fondly remember the novel or film SIDEWAYS, we can drive (or fly) up to the Santa Ynez Valley and spend the day (or days) in a fabulous wine region that rivals Napa-Sonoma in many ways.


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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 9 August 2016

Never Stop Wining in Los Angeles

Novino-phobia: the fear of running out of wine

Wineries Abound in Los Angeles for Our Private Tour

Our private tour guests enjoying a visit to Los Angeles can spend time with us exploring many, if not all, of the local wineries.  Did you know there is a vineyard right next to the Hollywood Sign?  We point that one out and talk about it when we head up to see the big white landmark overlooking the Los Angeles basin but it, sadly, is not a public facility.  Outside the Cornell Winery near Los AngelesLuckily there are many more places that we can go from downtown L.A. to Malibu where local wine is not only provided it is celebrated.  Let us do the driving and entertain you with stories of Hollywood and celebrities (we know them all) as we visit as many local wineries for some wine tasting as you want.  A regular stop on our custom luxury wine tour is the Cornell Winery up in the part of the Santa Monica Mountains used by Hollywood over the years to film westerns and where the M.A.S.H. exterior set was located.  The drive along Mulholland Highway is extraordinary as it winds through the mountains and up along the ridge crests to give you incredible views of the Los Angeles basin and San Fernando Valley as well as beautiful homes and elegant ranches.  We encourage our guests to purchase bottles of those vintages that they like and add to their collection.  We have plenty of room in our vehicles to get your new stock back to the hotel.


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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 14 June 2016

The Cycle of Wine

Barrels of wine in the Gainey Winery

A Tasty Private Tour of the Santa Ynez Valley

From a winery in downtown Los Angeles to numerous fine tasting rooms in nearby Malibu we can also drive, or fly in a luxury helicopter, south to the Temecula wine region or north to the Santa Ynez Valley near Santa Barbara.  That is a lot of wine tasting choices for our guests to ponder.  We find that most often we are planning visits to Malibu and Santa Ynez.  We make these tours often enough to specify them on our website.  If our guests have a day to spend (or two) we like to suggest a SIDEWAYS tour up north to revisit the wineries of the novel, film and play.  Like the Napa Valley, there are too The vineyards at the Firestone winerymany superb wineries to visit them all (though we like to try) so we plan our visit as we travel based on the inclinations of our guests.  We can tell which wines they will most enjoy just by them telling us which wines they like to drink at home.  And then we will include some experimentation to keep the trip interesting.  From grapes in the fields to aging barrels in the cellars to bottles on the shelf – the entire life cycle of wine – each winery has stories to tell about themselves and about the wine industry in California, in particular this incredible valley in the southern part of the state.  The Gainey Vineyard (top photo) is always a fun stop that pleases our wine loving guests.  Producing fine California wine for more than 30 years the winery is lively and the tastings divine.  We also are likely to stop at the Firestone Vineyards which are so beautiful you want to sip your wine and just look out at the vines all day.  But there are more places to visit, more wines to sample and buy, and let’s not forget a good lunch at one of many fantastic restaurants that we know – with wine, of course.




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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 16 March 2016

Santa Ynez Valley – Where Wine is Divine

The choices for wineries and vineyards on our Sideways tour

Our Sideways Wine Tour Enjoys Fruit of the Vine

Los Angeles boasts a number of local vineyards and wineries so we can please our wine loving private tour guests and visit the immediate area for wine tasting on a sightseeing tour.  However, we can also pull out all the stops and take our custom tour VIP guests up to the Santa Ynez Valley north of Santa Barbara and retrace the route of the the characters of Rex Pickett‘s wonderful book (and Alexander Payne‘s award winning film) Sideways.  As we are on a custom tour we can pull up to the signposts at the head of the valley and decide from there which wineries to visit as we sample the vintages across the valley floor.  The tour is always open ended so we can visit as many tasting rooms as our guests desire.  We also know some special dining rooms if a lunch or dinner stop is requested.  We have plenty of room in our luxury SUVs for wine purchases.  The drive up to the Santa Ynez Valley is beautiful with the Pacific Ocean on one side and the coastal mountains on the other.  Lake Cachuma above Santa Barbara is as blue as the sky.  Speaking of sky, we do not have to drive to this fabulous wine region.  We have luxury twin-engine helicopters at our disposal to get us there in a jiffy.  Of course, we will drive once there but flying means more time for wine tasting.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 6 August 2015

Birthday Visit to the Hollywood Sign

Zoey has a birthday banner to display below the Hollywood Sign

Make Your Special Occasion a Tour of Los Angeles

When you come to Los Angeles to celebrate an important life event you should arrange for a private custom tour with us that can make a sightseeing adventure even more memorable.  We can tailor our route through Hollywood and Beverly Hills to particularly please our special guest(s).  Favorite stars, movies, television shows, music, art, times in history….whatever would seem special on the occasion is something we like to do.  How about a picnic?  A special photograph to be taken?  A lengthy discussion with a working actor about getting into the biz?  A ride along the Venice Canals on a Segway?  A surfing lesson?  A sunset horseback ride to a local bar for margaritas?  A tour of the Santa Ynez Valley and its wineries with the author of Sideways?  You must be getting it now that we go to extraordinary lengths to create a luxury tour experience to suit our guests’ desires for whatever occasion they are celebrating while in Los Angeles.  Bar Mitzvah safari, anyone?

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 5 August 2015

French Wine Travels Well on Los Angeles Tour

A fine bottle of French wine posed in front of the Hollywood Sign

Our French Winemakers Bring Their Wine

Along on a Los Angeles Tour

Young travelers know about bringing along a favorite toy or doll to be photographed wherever they go.  We get this often on our private Los Angeles tours especially during the summer, winter and spring vacations when we have families in greater numbers.  However, a French family with us recently brought along a bottle of their own appellation to photograph at all the top sights during their custom tour.  Naturally, they had a pose in front of the Hollywood Sign and Grauman’s Chinese Theater.  The bottle of Chêne Blue Rose was a dramatic addition to a Hollywood Walk of Fame photo.  Then there were the celebrity mansions we visited in Beverly Hills and Bel Air.  The bottle was right at home on Rodeo Drive though others watching us were ogling the wine with more than casual interest.  Perhaps we could blend this fine vintage with Jennifer Aniston‘s vineyard wine.  That could be really special.  If you would rather we took you to visit some of the amazing wineries around Los Angeles then consider signing up for our Sideways tour of the Santa Ynez Valley or our Urban Escape Tour or Malibu Rocky Oaks Tour.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 23 February 2015

From Los Angeles to the Napa Valley for Fine Wine

Welcome to the Napa Valley sign

Our Private Tour Does Not Have to

Be in Los Angeles

Some of our guests enjoying a visit to Los Angeles travel here from vast distances, sometimes half a world away.  For them to want us to take them north another 400 miles to sample some fine Napa Valley vintages is no big deal at all.  Believe me, our guides jostle for the opportunity to enjoy a private charter flight up to the what we all believe is the finest winemaking region in the U.S.  As you might expect, we often stay overnight in one of the incredibly luxurious wine resorts or B&Bs located in the heart of the vineyards and wine estates much as we often do when traveling just up the coast to the Santa Ynez Valley.  Whatever our private tour guests wish is how we customize the trip to Napa.  Perhaps a visit to San Francisco and a fine meal there?

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 24 December 2014

Where Fine Wine Stays in Los Angeles

Buy wine, store wine and learn about wine at The Wine Hotel in Los Angeles

Our Private Tour Can Educate

Our Guests About Wine

California is all about wine.  While the Napa Valley in northern California is world renowned our own southern California Santa Ynez Valley has become famous in the past several decades (in large part due to the success of the novel and film SIDEWAYS).  But wine is grown, bottled and distributed these days throughout the state and is a major component of the state’s tremendous agricultural output.  And where does one keep the fine wine collected in travels throughout the state?  If you live in Los Angeles there is The Wine Hotel on 3rd Street near Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  Wine collections can be safely cellared here in the perfect environment to keep the wine fresh and available for consumption.  The Wine Hotel also has its own collection of fine wines available for purchase.  A wine club provides enthusiasts with healthy discounts on wine as well as reviews and information.  Best of all, on the First Thursday of every month The Wine Hotel hosts a wine event at Republique on La Brea.  If you love wine then enjoy a private Los Angeles tour where we show you the best places to find and enjoy fine wine around the city.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 17 June 2014

Fess Parker Means Wine

Enjoy an Entire Weekend Tour of Santa Barbara Wine Country

Fess Parker Wine Country Inn & Spa entranceWe have so many wine lovers contact us for Los Angeles tour information centered around their interest.  Well, we love wine, too, and know great wine areas to explore in and around Los Angeles and southern California.  Some we even fly to by helicopter.  For our wine-loving guests interested in a day trip up to the Santa Ynez Valley we offer a full day of sightseeing, dining and wine tasting in some of the most popular and critically-acclaimed wineries in California.  One in particular, the Fess Parker Vineyards, The winery at Fess Parker Vineyardcomes to mind.  In fact, if our guests wish to spend an entire weekend in our local wine country we like to suggest overnighting at the Fess Parker Wine Country Inn and Spa.  With its fabulous restaurant, Petros, excellent spa and luxurious boutique accommodations our guests can really relax after a day of travel through the wine estates close to Santa Barbara and be refreshed and ready to visit some more the following day. Like our Sideways tour, we stop at as many wineries as our guests want and we have plenty of room in the van for cartons of wine to take back with them.  If you love wine and the winemaking process then you deserve a custom luxury tour to the Santa Ynez Valley to enjoy all the great wines originating from this notable winemaking region.Portrait of Fess Parker as Daniel Boone

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 25 March 2014

Malibu Rocky Oaks – Wine Club

Wine Club Offering for Los Angeles Tour Guests

Join the Malibu Rocky Oaks Wine ClubMalibu Rocky Oaks Estate is more than an exquisite mountaintop estate above the Pacific Ocean and Malibu.  The estate is also a working vineyard and wine producer.  Its 10-acres of vines yield incredible, highly rated wines: Cabernet, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Malbec, Syrah, Grenache, Chardonnay, Petite Syrah, Cabernet Franc, and Petit Verdot.  Our private Los Angeles tour guests are treated to wine with every visit to this beautiful Tuscan-style estate.

California residents can take advantage of the Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate Wine Club.  Members receive shipments consisting of three bottles each quarter of some of the very best wines in the portfolio at a substantial discount, including pre-released and library vintage wines available nowhere else!  One level of membership includes invitations to wine events held at the estate, a private tour and meeting with the owner.  Wine lovers will truly appreciate the fine bottles of assorted wines they will receive. (click the images for larger views)

Malibu Rocky OaksMalibu Rocky Oaks Estate wine

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