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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 2 August 2016

Yacht Sailing to Catalina

The old Avalon casino is in view as we approach Catalina Island

This Private Adventure Tour Has Us Sailing Into Avalon Bay

Most of our private tours are in our fleet of luxury SUVs.  We drive ALL around Los Angeles with multiple stops in Hollywood, Beverly Hills and along the beach communities from Venice Beach to Malibu.  That’s usually.  We visit film studios, recording studios, celebrity homes.  Again, usually.  But if our guests have a different idea of what they want to see and do in Los Angeles we are ready to take them there and not necessarily in our cars.  Readers here know we also have a fleet of modern, luxury twin-engine helicopters at our disposal to explore and fly around Southern California by air.  And, on these hot summer days (and hot spring, fall and winter days) we can head out to sea to see what we can.  One particularly beloved destination is Catalina Island.  The island is only 23 miles away.  We can board a well appointed and staffed yacht (including a chef) and relax and enjoy the almost two hour journey across the channel to the largest of the Channel Islands.  The gorgeous Avalon Bay is a perfect destination for a day of exploring, swimming, snorkeling and other water activities, hiking, shopping, dining and sightseeing (ever seen a herd of buffalo?).  Catalina, for the adventurous of spirit, has a thrilling 5-level Eco-Zipline where the excitement of the ride is amplified with the value of the ecology lessons included along the way.  Interested in some deep sea fishing or scuba diving?  Let us know and we can add that to your adventure itinerary on Catalina Island.

The aft deck is not yet occupied as we depart Catalina Island

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 18 February 2015

Marina del Rey on a Yacht Tour of Los Angeles

A sea level look at Marina del Rey

Enjoy a Sightseeing Tour of Los Angeles on a Yacht

We have our private Los Angeles tour guests up in the air in our luxury helicopters as well as driving through the fanciest neighborhoods around Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  We also take them aboard some incredible private yachts for a look at Los Angeles from sea level.  Departing from the most beautiful man-made harbor in the country, Marina del Rey, our luxurious vessel skims through the harbor and out to sea, the Santa Monica Bay, where we head up the coast toward Malibu.  This tranquil and comfortable ride gives us lots of time to describe the history of coastal Los Angeles and examine, with binoculars, some of the fabulous celebrity homes that line the shore.  We also have the opportunity to interact with adorable sea creatures like sea lions, harbor seals, porpoises, dolphins and yes, whales.  Gray whales range through the channel in their season but we have had recent sightings of blue and killer whales, too (OK, maybe not all the creatures are adorable).  Everyone comes to Los Angeles and the ocean is a great place to meet.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 18 September 2013

Ahoy! – Our Newest Tour Yacht

We Land Our Private Tour Helicopter *ON* the Yacht

Photo of Leight Star, one of our private tour yachts
At almost 150 feet by 25 feet, this is easily the largest yacht we use for our private sea tour of Los Angeles.  We might explore Marina del Rey and maybe the Port of Los Angeles, head over to Santa Catalina Island and then up the coast to Malibu.  We can arrange for gourmet meals and private wine tastings – it all depends on what our guests wish to make their oceangoing adventure with us perfect.  Even better, we can land our helicopter atop the vessel to make for an exciting rendezvous and a hasty transfer.  At 12-15 knots the journey to the Channel Islands is not as fast as by air but is certainly more comfortable.  Imagine cruising with a master and four guest suites, an oversized jacuzzi, gym and steam room, a grand dining room and full kitchen, and all luxuriously appointed and detailed for maximum comfort and aesthetic appeal.  No wonder the professional crew is so proud of their ship and are so pleased to show our guests all the features of the yacht.

Photo of the aft of the ship and its own helipad

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 12 September 2013

Malibu Beach Homes on a Perfect Tour Day

Aerial photograph of Malibu beach homes

Best Ways to See These Celebrity Homes in Malibu

Besides being invited in (we can always hope) the best views of these magnificent homes along the Malibu shoreline are from the sea side.  And from the sea we mean either aboard one of our yacht tours up the coast or else flying along the coast on a private helicopter tour and adventure.  Malibu has always been the ocean playground for the Hollywood elite.  The original Malibu Colony residences have spread up and down the 27-mile length of Malibu, just north of Santa Monica and near Los Angeles. Famous for parties, scandals, fires and devastating storm waves, residents and visitors to the beaches and businesses of Malibu love the community throughout the year, year after year, despite the rare catastrophes and controversy.  Much like Beverly Hills, the properties are somewhat hidden from view along the access roads which is why our helicopter and yacht tours are such good ways to see how the ‘Bu folks are living.  For just a little while on a custom luxury tour our guests can feel a part of the good life on the Los Angeles coast.

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Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 13 July 2013

Marina del Rey Boats from the Air

Aerial photograph of Marina del Rey

Where Our Private Yacht Tour Begins

This is that time of year where we get requests for private adventure tours of Los Angeles beaches from aboard a luxury yacht (is that redundant?).  We often share photos taken from the vessel of the Venice Beach, Santa Monica and Malibu shores and the marine animals that invariably follow us.  But this aerial photograph of Marina del Rey shows where we generally board our yacht.  Marina del Rey is a tiny community (~1.5 sq. miles) that includes the largest man made small craft harbor in the U.S.  This marina area has a capacity of almost 6,000 sailing vessels.  Our sailing adventure tours leave the marina and head north along the bay coast to see the fine resorts and celebrity beach homes along the way up to Malibu.  We always serve a gourmet lunch.  Marina del Rey is also home to several fine hotels and large theme restaurants and is walking distance to the Venice Beach Boardwalk.

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